Friday night dust-up

I'm finding SFN a little too peaceable at the moment, a bit like tennis since Connors and MacEnro hung up their rackets. So I'm hoping that you will all get wasted tomorrow evening and have a good drunken (virtual) brawl like in the good old days. I even can suggest a few subjects that might light the blue touch paper:

1) northeners
2) should Brian shave that beard ?
3) happening : apéro Facebook at Higginson Towers tomorrow evening

anyone else feeling creative ?

Plates Plates way cudner afford plates way was poor, way was poorer than church maice way used to live in a dustbin and every wake t'th carncil wud cum and tip us art inter back o lorry life wus ard fer us back then way wus poor but way wus appy ,way never got the chance ter put a ferret darn Alexanders trarsers that wud av bane fun saying Alex ferreting darn his trarsers ont satday nayt only fun way ad wus wen me mam slapped us rarnd hed wid empty beer bottle way ad a treasure unt every nayt me dad wud gew pub then way wud aft go find him cus ay cudner farnd is road ome

Ah use ta have em wi chips on a Fraday night when we watched Archers ont wireless. Good days were 'em, 2005 back in the days before fwk int south invented telly and plates for eatin aff...


And whats wrong with Northerners just because those darn sarf dont have a whippet flat cap and race pidgeons

Eh oop luv - tha's lookin for trouble if tha mess with us oop North. Ah'll be round in me flat 'at an me whippets to sithee.

Tha's reight theer, Bruce, ahm wi thee lad!!

Oi, gotta full beard for the winter, save it for the spring tosh or I'll come round with my DIY surgeon's kit!

ant erd dat in yeres

Whatchit my son, Whatchit my son

Northerners? Tha’s asking for a right slap int gob there, sithi!

are you still ‘cruisin’ for a bruisin’ Alex?

poleeeze don't

Ok, Catharine, as in “oooohh, Matron, his balls are very dirty” ?

@ Sheila - only if you accompany that with “carry on” style innuendo…

We play petanque on Friday night (and usually lose, as we are the beginners), so can I come back to SFN and lob boules randomly at anyone? :slight_smile:

Well you know if that’s what the readers want… :slight_smile: