Frightening 'Polititcian'?

Trump is absolutely scarey, if he is stable, God help the rest of Humanity :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think he’s brilliant, we were in the US when he got elected and I picked up some campaign stuff which is proudly exhibited at home.

Dear me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Don’t understand, what’s not to like?

I suppose you’re trying to be ‘amusing’, it’s not making me smile Tim, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

By many accounts president trump…the actual human being has performed many acts of kindness…and by all accounts president assad is the world’s most popular leader…gaining 88% of his country’s vote…he’s also intelligent and articulate and trained as a doctor in the U.K…trump is most definitely unpredictable at the moment…one week North Korea was the “boogeyman”…then nothing…now trump is back pedalling and back flipping and looking again at the transpacific partnership…and cooling his rhetoric against Russia and Syria…he’s like a loose canon…either an out of control pin ball or is there a method in his apparent madness…??? Either way the public have no appetite for more wars…a hashtag currently trending is “not in my name Theresa may…” pointing out the hypocrisy of selling weapons to Saudia Arabia whilst supporting military action in Syria …the president of France has just met with the Saudi crown prince whilst 75 per cent of the French want the French president to suspend arms exports to Saudia Arabia and the UAE…Yemen…???


As I said on a thread I started, too many insecure leaders, looking for a distraction from their domestic issues, a war is always, the ultimate distraction, and Trump needs a distraction, if Assad is the most popular, I would guess, Trump is the most globaly reviled, ridiculed, certainly in need of a distraction!


Trump is doing okay at home, the economy is still growing and his core support is still there. He’s no more than a puppet who’s strings are being pulled by hardline conservatives. Similarly I don’t believe TM is a warmonger but she has been given no choice but to go along with whatever the US does.

@Bill, you have to see the comical side of the US electing someone like Trump and you have to laugh at the madness of his tweets if not you’d be suicidal.

Sorry, we don’t share the same sense of humour Tim, I find nothing about him, faintly amusing :roll_eyes:

I do believe you are right.
The worrying thing is it seems that half the US electorate have the same problem.