From abortion to evolution: the terrifying views of the DUP you need to know

Sickening and completely nuts! Sounds like the ramblings of a weird sect…

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The christian Taliban, the provisional wing of the 17th century.


I imagine in the early hours of Friday morning someone in Conservative headquarters asked,
"How can we make this situation any worse?"
and Theresa May thought they wanted a solution. Hopefully she will U-turn on this one too!

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You might like to have a look at the ‘38 degrees’ petition which asks people to look at the policies of the DUP and then decide if they want this party joining forces with the Conservatives to have influence on decisions made for the UK.
An example report on DUP policies - this one happens to be from the Guardian:
…and this is the 38 degrees petition:

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I’m more worried about the risks for Northern Ireland. I agree it would be totally wrong to create a situation where minority groups fear let alone less experience discrimination, but hopefully this will be a quick blip because it’s unthinkable that the DUP would be allowed to control the UK government for long. But if that quick blip is enough to destroy the fragile peace in NI then people will start being killed again and it could take decades to resolve.

Incredible that May is prepared to do this - even the French press is alarmed by the potential consequences. Does she not see the danger, or does she just not care? There is something seriously lacking in that woman’s judgment.


I would suggest she is prepared for anything to keep the tories in power…and herself. But is the Dup completely oblivious of these differences or are they prepared to compromise being intoxicated already by the sweet smell of success?
Gerry Adams does not think you can be neutral as the british government while in bed with the other
party. Makes sense.

The sin feins have kept aloof from british politics. Can t they come back to the fray and leave their posturing for a while since their adversary is in Westminster?

Everybody is camping on their positions and there is no pragmatism like Philip Hamond discovered recently. Nobody is a terrorist anymore. Talk to one another in Westminster!

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Anyone care to name the major EU country where same-sex marriage is still not legal? Of course even after Brexit we’ll still trade with them cos we need them so I guess that’s different.

Anna, there are 450,000,000 people in the post Brexit EU. NI has 1.8 million. IMO these 1.8 million, of both bigoted flavours, living in a bankrupt little demi province, have been holding everyone to ransom for far too long. There should be a (very) hard border with the Republic and let the UK fix the UK created problem once and for all, or not if they don’t want to. One way or the other, it is not an EU problem. Luckily the old idiots south of the border to whom a united Ireland was important are dying out rapidly. Younger, better educated and more successful folk don’t give a damn.