From sarl to AE - what happens next?

Good morning community!

Having dissolved my sarl end last year ( no, I never did receive my carte vitale despite heavy payments into the RSI and URSSAF caisses) I've finally managed to achieve a siret number as an auto entrepreneur.

What procedure do I have to follow next, if anything? I have a couple of invoices to send for work completed, I guess I'll need to declare online etc. But is there anything I must do re RSI / URSSAF?

I committed the heinous sin of ignoring an erroneous bill from them back in 2008, and had to pay both it and bailiff's fees recently even though I didn't actually owe anything...

I followed Valérie's advice to get myself registered although it wasn't easy; abortive visits to the Greffe, Cpam and even Chamber of Commerce (after a 3 week wait for an interview!). I followed all the latters' advice on the headings and sub headings to follow when signing up online, and yet was refused my application. So I registered as something else - I have more than one potential income stream - and finally got my certificate from INSEE last week.

Thanks in advance for any help, going it alone ain't easy and I don't have money to waste doing it wrong...

Thanks Andrew - I guess I'll have to keep calling them for my CV. But good to hear that you find it all relatively simple! My French is ok for reading French sites, and often People working in these deptartments speak quite clearly so it's not to bad.

Watch out for demands direct from the rsi, all your payments should go direct through urssaf and that'll be once every quarter based on what you earn, you should get a form sent through for you to declare and pay. It really is an incredibly easy scheme compared to the others, I've been an ae since it started in 2009 and yes there were some teething problems but it's very simple and easy for France (as you know how bad it can be having had a sarl!). carte vitale took a year for me but as I said on the other comment you posted, that didn't matter for me as my cpam carte vitale still worked. I hope things are a bit quicker for you but unfortunately i doubt they will be. Everything you need is in the info pack on the official site. I didn't talk to the cci, urssaf or any one else to register in the first place and just needed the odd phone call to put them right along the way. The site has everything and if your French isn't too hot then I think someone has a translation of it or just ask on any specific point and there are plenty of ae here to help ;-)