Frontier worker S1

ive just received my yearly S1 as my wife and I are frontier workers. working in uk and living in france.
I had a friend who used to help me send in the yearly S1 - but they are unable to help this time.
I live in 34210.
can someone please tell me where I need to send the S1 - or take it so I know its been registered etc.
my mutual is on hold until I get the S1 in the system.
its such a pain to have to do it each year ! roll on retirement

You send it to your caisse. I think for UK frontaliers it may well be your nearest CPAM (caisse primaire assurance maladie). Hopefully @KarenLot might be able to confirm.

Do you have an Ameli online account? This will tell you.

But this could be the nearest one.

Coordonnées pour la CPAM :

CPAM Béziers 34500
2 Rond-point HOURS
34500 Béziers

Thanks Jane
yes, i do have an Ameli account… just tried it but couldnt get in because of a tech error !
ill see where my Caisse is.
thank you

  1. copy the S1 (digitally and onto paper) multiple times. Retain the copies, I’d suggest even after their validity, but I may be overcautious going that far.

Remember it’s a 2-sided document so copy both sides . Ahem guess who didn’t notice this on her first S1 :frowning:

  1. walk it into CPAM in your département with your id, carte de séjour, residence permit etc., on you in case they ask.

Maybe call first as some CPAMs will require an appointment and will just tell you to drop it in their mailbox outside the building if not.

  1. You can definitely just post it to CPAM. If you do, I’d still call and ask what wording to put on the envelope to ensure it reaches the correct department within CPAM, if possible.

I have 2 CPAM offices I can visit both equidistant so I always choose the main CPAM office for the Departement when I send anything or visit.

Anything you post to any official place in France, send it only registered so you get a signature. I do LRAR which as well, returns you a copy of the slip they signed when they received it. It’s expensive, done via Post Office but worth it.

Have a rootle round in your espace (= you logged in) on the CPAM website there may be more info there. If I could see a way I might even be tempted to find a place to upload it there or maybe even email a photo/scan as well (not instead) as submitting the paper original. I’ve not checked but it may be possible.

Hi Karen
wonderful - thank you, so very helpful.
ill check my Caisse local when i can get into the site, and then ill take care as you have said.
merci for all your help.