Frozen pensions!

Now there is a possability that pensions may be frozen?????

Hello Barbara,

Have done a bit of research on this and am concerned and aiding the fight for the expats in countries without a bi-lateral agreement to be able to have the increases....but, thankfully, it appears we should be OK, here in France...see link below...

This is a copy of a comment (from the WASPI site), lodged by a man living in Thailand....who does receive the yearly increases,but indicating the hardship this is causing in other countries and how difficult it is to fight for some kind of justice from abroad. I like the bit where he points out that even the DWP agree that expats save the government money....

John west 10

Jul 01, 2016 at 02:49

Hi All,

Very impressive turnout yesterday and yes indeed have been campaigning from far away in Thailand and I to do not like any discrimination or frankly barbaric and disgusting indeed.

The so-called "public servants" MP's. We here to serve you and we stand for no discrimination.

Really have I missed anything and at what date and they certainly have not worked for you and me.

Yes all people want is justice and frankly, this is appalling.

I very much and do support WASP1 indeed and I know a different topic, though linked to the State Pension I have been very actively campaigning for the Frozen pensioners 560k expats who do not get the year on year increases.

Indeed there was one lady, who passed away and her State Pension amounted to 6 pounds a week.

She and many others and men have contributed the same and often more to get the same State Pension.

However, in many Countries the expats do indeed get the annual increase and amazingly among them are those living in the USA and the likes of several Countries, such as Thailand, S Africa, Australia and Canada, amongst several other Countries.

Our voice was actually heard in Parliament in a debate in May and all we are fighting for is the same State Pension, that all of us have contributed to all our lives.

Yes only 4 per cent are frozen, but still a substantial number 650k and rising.

This is obviously not fair at all and yes interesting that lady making the comment about no Tories voting for them.

This of course very similar to our issue and there have been EDM's and parties from all parties have signed the motion.

However in the main the Tories and Labour have in the main not supported the motion, but there were about 7 parties, who have in fact signed.

The injustices and fight has been on going for well over 25 years.

In fact the DWP have agreed that each expat saves the so-called UK (what a pathetic phrase United Kingdom) 4,000 pounds a year in not using the various services, including the NHS and others.

We of course have to rely on 3 institutions , one in the UK, Canada and Australia ones and of course we can not demostrate as living so far away.

A lot more people now understand what is going on and successive Governments have managed to hide this fact.

Finally I wish you well in your fight and yes indeed have signed your petition and hope you can spread the word about the frozen pensioner and very much the same principle in that is blatant discrimination.

I thought we lived in the 21st or 22nd Century, not the 17th Century.

Sort it out and shame on everyone in Westminster, but they do not know the meaning of shame and could not care lee about the normal person.

Yes definate different topic , but we are all aware of it every Tom, Dick and Sally flooding into the UK, get all the benefits going, including free housing etc etc FOR ABSOLUTELY ZERO CONTRIBUTIONS. How can this be fair for all those who have paid all their taxes and NI all these years.

Never mind the Foreign Aid to corrupt Governments, only 13 billion pounds a year and rising.

Perhaps when looking for the most vulnerable , poor and easy target, perhaps they can slash the Foreign Aid budget and look after our own citizens, but no that would be too easy.

Finally and sorry so long the UK have their own cheating people claiming benefits too. DISGUSTING ALL AROUND

Have a nice Day everyone!!!