Full medical insurance cover for France - anyone got any contacts for best deals?

hi there all

Moving to France in July and my husband is going to be continuing to work in the UK which means he will still be paying tax in the UK.

However that also means that the rest of the family, which is myself, our two young boys and one on the way will have to have full medical cover that we pay for since we won't be on the french tax system.

Do any of you have this in place and if so could you give me some contacts or some websites to look at?

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Hi Lyns, on another note... can i ask how you feel about being separated from your hubbie living in 2 different places- hope you dont mind me asking but we are considering a similar move.

Lyndsay, try Allianz as well. They are a good solid German company to begin with but have bought up other companies around the world, including Cornhill which was always considered a good safe company in the UK. They deal internationally and are fine about insurance being a moveable thing if necessary, which with a Swiss wife and dual national (UK/Swiss) children living here could be on the cards. Similar ballgame to AXA PPP, simply that when buying here the Allianz agent was nicer to us than the other. Both Ian and Terry's advice are good too and on the sfn insurance cover blog Terry reco's there is far more info than you can probably deal with but nonetheless good.

You might find something here, Lyndsay


Dear Lyns

Please contact www.amariz.fr - This company has 20 years of experience in providing medical insurance for expatriates and others moving to or living in France. The website is bilingual as are the staff. The insurance cover is provided by Lloyd’s of London.

I feel sure they can fix you up with what you need.

Best wishes

Ian Swan