Fully comp insurance, on an English policy, while in France

Hi, not technically an expat question, but does anyone know of a UK insurance policy that will include say 90 days fully comp cover while in France - I’m with Direct Line and they want circa £50 for each 21 day trip. Thanks in advance.

For car or human?

My car.

Saga used to, no idea now though

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Saga do, They are not the cheapest,but you get fully comp , European breakdown and recovery, UK breakdown and recovery, Green card comes with your policy and you don’t have to tell them when you are out of country. I am with them and on my last insurance with Adrian flux I had same problem only 30 days out of UK in any one year. or pay through your nose for an extension. Forgot to say you can stay out of UK for the term of your policy.

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I used these guys before and it worked out well

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You don’t need a green card for France anymore.

I’ve just switched to Age Co (previously Age UK) for car insurance as they offer 180 days in Europe in any one insurance years. Fully comp for £220. I’m 62 with 9 years NCD and no convictions or endorsements.

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That’s true, but i don’t think it gives fully comp cover, only third party fire and theft.

Yes, you need to be careful, as I remember previously looking at the cover, and I saw that you are covered whilst driving abroad without green card, but this only covers basic insurance. To get equivalent of your fully comp, you needed a green card. That was the situation pre Brexit at least, hence why I used stuart collins.

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Thanks all. Saga were more expensive than my current Direct Line policy. However the AA are £50 cheaper per annum and included 90 days at the same cover level as when i’m in the UK i.e. fully comp. Direct line include basic third party for 90 days but charge for the upgrade to the same cover as when I am in the UK. So as ever it pays to look at the detail and shop around.

The green card has only ever covered the minimum requirement in any specific country which is usually referred to as ‘third party only’ in the UK. Since Brexit my insurer requires a green card to be issued to extend the comprehensive cover outside the UK.

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LV will cover up to 180 days in the EU on their annual policy.

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Interesting thank you, i will get them to quote.

It’s obviously history now the UK’s no longer in the EU, but before Brexit, if you travelled to EU simply with your UK policy that gave you the minimum coverage. Having a green card from the insurer allowed you to travel with your fully comp cover, hence why insurers limited the coverage days you are allowed per year. If they were willing to extend, that was an additional charge. As said, it’s history now we’re in the new Brexit world :grin:

Yes Axa do, that is full comp same as in the UK, but Not via any of their other arms like Swiftcover, you must go direct

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Hi Mark.
Have you tried Carole Nash ? I think they do cars or motorbikes for up to 90 days fully comp. (The drawback is you only get one journey and the time abroad is anything up to 90days).

Hope that helps

Thanks for that, our time in France is split over several 3 week visits for would need that flexibility. Best

Yes I’m insured with LV= (Liverpool Victoria) and they include 180 days European Cover as standard at no extra cost.

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