Hi All,

Would someone be able to direct us to the right authorities or websites please?

We are having plenty of ideas for setting up projects which involve either children or the elderly. In the UK there are charitable organisations who provide funding to either charities or not for profit organisations, there is European funding for all sorts of activities, etc.

Is there by any chance an equivalent of this funding system available in France?

Thanks Brian, that is a most useful link.

I think in the first instance we might even try to set up the basis of our project in the UK. See how far we get and eventually start a sister organisation in France. We will most likely go for the elderly market though. There are already so many organisations geared towards the wee ones while the older population is being pushed aside.

Will have a roam around that site. Thank you.

Read this and perhaps follow through:

I am not really up on national charities but know some of the French international NGOs who look for funding here. I believe that similar to the UK, you need to be a registered organisation with start capital (perhaps €1 in your account). It is slow and far more localised. I have been a trustee and director of charities in the UK, on the board of others in other countries and seem to remember that in the international sector with children that France is generous. However, they are working locally so no doubt donations are smallish. I also gather you have to be very specific and not try doing too many things at the same time.