Funny, cheerful article in the Guardian

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It says absolutely nothing about the small companies who have totally given up exporting to the EU because of the onorous paperwork, which seems to be changing every time they present it.
I can see a huge smuggling operation becoming the norm between NI and the Republic.

There’s been a huge smuggling operation between the North and the South ever since the GFA. Diesel and fags mostly. It’s the pastime the IRA, UVF, etc. took up after peace. They had to do something so a blind eye was generally turned to it, unless any one outfit got too out of hand. Plants were set up in farm sheds in remote border areas to remove the dye from tax free red diesel. A hugly profitable exercise.

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Was that really we, or a misprint for were?

Where Jane? I can’t see it. Rest assured my biggest illegal activity ever has been moderately exceeded in the speed limit.

Ahh, I see it now. No, diesel washing has never been one of my pastimes.

Britain is often said (by itself) to be the envy of the world. And now even Germany envies ‘us’, according to Bild*. It is a sad state of affairs if that is the only thing that matters!
But like lots of things these days, maybe it’s not even true…
*Le journaliste Olivier Cyran relève qu’il est « d’usage dans les classes supérieures allemandes de considérer Bild comme un produit de basse extraction qu’il faut ignorer ou dédaigner.

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I’m glad to hear it.

I don’t think I’m going to be particularly over worried about a headline in Bild :joy:

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I just though the article was funny. He’s basically suffering from schadenfreude withdrawal symptoms.