Funny Childrens Talk

What cute expressions or words do your kids come out with? My eldest used to ask me for some "hambon" (a mix of ham and jambon) and my other little girl every morning asks me if she can have a "chocolate chaude froid" (cold hot chocolate)!

yes Beckie, mine speak almost no English but understand when I talk to them in English (which I try to do as much as possible). they can repeat a few words at best but French is the language used at home and everywhere else for that matter so there isn't too much confusion... yet!

Yes they all seem to like saying "pestacle"! Mine speak a lot more French than English as my husband is French but they quite often use the easiest word, for example they will say "please" but they will say also "merci" whichever language they are speaking. It is sometimes hard when they are learning to speak and trying to say a new word because when trying to work out the word they are saying we have to first try and work out which language it is in!

my two year old said this morning "papa ouvre les shutters" and my daughter's best to date: "à l'école on a regardé un pestacle"