Furnished Rental in the Tarn?

Pam and I are retired Australians currently on a house exchange between our home in Melbourne and a home in Mazamet. Now we are looking to stay on beyond the end of our exchange in March, but we are having trouble finding someone to exchange with. Interestingly, we have found a couple who are moving to Australia in July, and they are happy to exchange then, so we have only April, May and June to find accommodation for.

Does anyone know about furnished rentals in this area? Do they exist Can they be had for just three months? Are there any traps? Is there a commitment required beforehand, so that, if we found one and then subsequently found a home exchange we liked?

We haven't yet approached any estate agents, as we aren't quite sure how to approach the issue, but we will be doing that soon.


Alan & Pam

Great and good luck - I see there is currently one house sit available in Cahuzac-sur-Vere, a 20 minute drive to Gaillac from 01 Dec until 29 Feb 2016.....

Thanks Simon,

We have been aware of this, but had it on the back burner while we attempt to stay here in the Tarn region. I think that it is time to further investigate this, as time is running out, and even though we have lovely friends and neighbours here, we can't leave it until the last minute.


Just a thought Alan & Pam - have you considered housesitting? If you fancy looking into it I can thoroughly recommend


We've used them a few times and have been completely blown away by the professionalism of the whole set-up. There are folks out there who literally spend their lives travelling the globe offering their services to those who would otherwise find it difficult to escape!

Hi Joan,

While we both love Geneva and Pam is a skier, our preference is to stay in or near the Tarn at this stage. We are, however running out of time, so lets talk more about this. Do you Skype?


Would you like a place in the Alpes, near Geneva