Furniture Removal to Provence

Hi, Does anyone know of a removal firm that would do SW UK to Provence. Probably did a small truck/ large van size. Or would it make more sense to hire a vehicle in France and drive there and back? Any thoughts?

Try someone like ET Brokers or
.You give them details or your ‘job’ and within a short time you will be emailed by hauliers offering a price for said work. The closer it gets to the time of shipping, you will get reduced quotes from hauliers that want to fill a vehicle. We used ET Brokers to move here is 2006. We had quotes as high as £6000 and the one we used was less than £1600.
We’ve also used Shiply for various large items that we have bought and wanted shipped over.

I used this firm to move from the Tarn to Essex. They do shared loads so can do it a little cheaper. They were very good. They are based between Bath and Swindon.

Worth a phone call at least.