Further News on Cross Border Healthcare and access to the NHS for holders of S1's

Further to my previous posts regarding the lack of information on just how we access the NHS treatment for British retirees holding a form S1 and which was made on the 6th April of this year, I can now tell you that seem to be making progress.

My UK MP, Neil Carmichael (Con), and Ashley Fox MEP (Con) and Clare Moody MEP (Lab) are writing to the Secretary of State for Health on our behalf to ask why we have had to suffer this delay and when we will have a system in place which will treat all of us equally.

I have made it quite clear that this should be a national system and having to ask individual NHS Trusts how they are going to implement this new arrangement is not acceptable.

They have all promised to come back to me when they have received replies from the Secretary of State and I will, of course, let you know what happens.

Peter, I have mentioned this on previous threads.
The problem is that we are still waiting for them information as how to access the NHS when we are i. The French system and that it will be the same nationwide, not piecemeal.


It should perhaps be mentioned that you are referring to pre-planned (non-emergency) treatment in NHS facilities. The EHIC procedure for emergency treatment under the NHS when visiting the UK remains in place. This requires a UK-issued EHIC for an EU-resident UK state pensioner. NB: EHICs need to be renewed, usually at 5-year intervals.