Futon vs regular mattress

I'm thinking of getting myself a futon mattress, complete with wooden bed-thing made of natural wood. I like the way it looks and I'm tired of waking up in the middle of the night because I'm uncomfortable.

I'm not sure if it really is as comfortable as people say on the futon sites, does anybody have any first hand experience to share? Should I go for it, or just upgrade my mattress and bed?

All advice and experience welcome, thanks!

i would avoid anything filled with latex; futon or occidental mattress. Far too hot and sweaty in hot weather. Pocket springs give you a comfortable mattress and good ventilation.

Thanks for the feedback! I was wondering about the difference between oriental and occidental futons too, as I noticed that the "best" were all made in France....

I'm going to be a real pig: I'll go to a shop and lie on the most expensive ones (with latex...) and see how I feel, those aren't supposed to "bunch up and lump" after a few years, or would they behave the same way as the cotton-filled ones do?

We have friends who used to have one in their spare room, I hated it and never slept properly

It depends on where you get them from too. I used to sleep on a 'real' one from Japan and it was totally different to anything I have ever slept on that was meant to be a futon and bought here.

You got used to the hardness v quickly and it felt soft. But I would recommend a memory foam mattress - we bought one online a couple of years back - it was not ridiculously expensive (less than 500 I think?) and is AMAZING.

I have slept on a futon from time to time but never found them comfortable. Far too hard for me!

I have slept on two futons over the years. We now have one we use as a spare bed, but mainly folded as a sofa. The main problem is that after a few years the cotton filling becomes uneven, really lumpy eventually. So, the life of a futon is limited. New they are fantastically comfortable, by five years on no longer.