Future travel plans

I do really, whoops just me being lazy on typing!

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It’s not often I receive such a compliment Jane, so thank you.
“Youngster”…that’s definitely a win.


Shouldn’t you be altering your name to Bob ‘spring chicken’ Sivell now ? :wink:

Maybe a step too far…
Nice thought, though.

I’m assuming we have no updates or indeed changes to current travel restrictions.
I saw the 12th of April mentioned somewhere; but, unless, I’ve misinterpreted it, this is just a potential date for reviewing international travel from UK.
Can an adult please shed some further light upon this for me ?

No international travel from the UK until the 17th of May at the earliest, however theoretically the 12th of April review might allow this date to be altered.


Just to be sure, what are the current restrictions in France re. travel within it’s borders ie between regions ?

There no restrictions for internal travel.

Okay thank you again

The current “earliest possible” date for International leisure travel from England is May 17 - I have tentatively moved the ferry booking from Easter to my son’s May ½ term break at the end of May/beginning of June - but we don’t know if we will be able to get in to France, even if we can get out of the UK.

From the EU headlines last evening, it would seem to suggest they want to keep out non EU citizens until the end of the summer. Mr Macron on the otherhand has a massive trade deficit to clear and France needs tourism.

Or if you will have to quarantine on your return, or in France as well?
So many unknowns, it could be Donald Rumsfeld.


Quarantine in France would be OK if I can self-isolate, not sure what I’d do about food shopping but I’m sure that is solvable; quarantine at home on return similarly wouldn’t be an issue (well, it would probably mean only one of us could visit).

Getting tested for travel back might be more of a complication and hotel isolation in the UK (or France) would make it a non starter.

But, at the moment, I’m more worried about the border being open at all.

Well, that would solve the problem!

Well it hasnt solved it so far.

It would solve the problem of people wondering they could come for holidays or not if the border stayed closed or they had to still quarantine on either side of the channel.

Further to my previous porst @ptf - I was talking to one of my French teachers this week and she said that a Covid test for travel purposes cost 120 euros so there is conflicting advice about that.

One catch is that the test has to be acceptable to the UK authorities, not French. Rather than give a list of approved test labs (though I can see this would be impractical for overseas labs) they have given a “test specification” so it is a matter of finding a suitable lab. Assuming travel at the end of May looks feasible I’ll cross that bridge nearer the time.

In my naivity (sp?) I thought that a PCR test was a PCR test wherever it was done?

Kind-of. Different PCR tests could be using different probes and so have different performance characteristics.

The focus is probably on making sure that lateral flow tests are excluded - these are known to be operator dependant (as they are often self-administered) and have a high false negative rate.

I suspect any plausible looking report will pass muster, apparently there was (and possibly still is) quite a black market in fake test certificates in the UK, can’t imagine France is any different.

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