Future travel plans

Speaking late last night with my UK friends ; their recent train travel plans have been shelved for the foreseeable.
I was asked about the possibility of my travelling to UK, in the post-apocalyptic mess that is Brexit…once the covid fiasco has subsided.
So my question is (& I apologise in advance for my ignorance) would my UK passport suffice; or there likely to be other requirements ?

You have a British passport so nothing else will be required once border restrictions are lifted, you are a British national traveling into the country of birth, maybe a negetive test by not long term at the moment.

So difficult to tell right now. Many countries including the UK are looking into vaccine passports or certificates as well as a negative test to gain entry plus when you return you’ll need your CDS to prove residency here otherwise your passport will be date stamped.

I have my proof of application for my CdS…& I was expecting a vaccine related condition of travel

As vaccination is not compulsory in either the UK or EU would that not be seen as discrimination.

Probably true but I can see it as a short term measure modifying some of the other requirements eg quarantine or extra testing.

Once borders reopen, you will need your CEAM card (although some say that you will be able to get free treatment on NHS this is probably a good precaution even tho’ may not be valid) and your attestation that you have applied for your CdS or your actual CdS plus at least 6 months on your passport to get back home again.

Currently it’s likely to mean negative tests and isolation when you arrive and depart - but things may change,

I’ve my carte vitale obviously ; my passport is valid til 2028 ; I doubt I’d be travelling before the end of the summer as I’m hoping to be working til October ish; my CdS application is in.
I would just like to have a plan, just in case.

Look like it would be worth getting your CEAM card anyway. Just go onto your Ameli account and there is a drop down menu where you can order one (free)

Je suis assuré(e) du régime français et je souhaite me rendre en vacances au Royaume-Uni après le 1er janvier 2021. Pourrai-je bénéficier de soins de santé en cas de problème et à quelles conditions ?

En cas de séjour touristique au Royaume-Uni commencé avant le 31 décembre 2020, vous pourrez utiliser la carte européenne d’assurance maladie (CEAM) jusqu’à la fin de votre séjour. En cas de besoin de soins immédiats au Royaume-Uni, cette carte permet de limiter l’avance des frais de santé.

L’accord de commerce et de coopération, dont les dispositions sont applicables au 1er janvier 2021, prévoit des dispositions similaires aux dispositions existantes dans le cadre des règlements européens de coordination en matière de prise en charge des soins de santé… Votre CEAM restera valable au Royaume-Uni. Un certificat provisoire de remplacement sera établi pour les personnes ne disposant pas de CEAM. Ceci s’appliquera aux séjours débutant après la fin de la période de transition au 1er janvier 2021.

Do we all have Ameli accounts as a matter of course?

No, my CEAM comes from my ‘regime’.

Do you have an Ameli as well?

Bob: go to your caisse then…

No, I’m with MSA and my account with them shows me everything regarding my health reimbursements, CEAM application, CV attestation etc.

Ta, adds to my knowledge base…I thought in typical french way you ended up with an Ameli account AND your own caisse (if you have one)

I’m with MSA
I had to google CEAM as I’d never heard of it.

To apply for one from MSA just look for this within the Sante section of your account -

Demander la Carte européenne d'assurance maladie (CEAM)
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I was under the impression that there are two differing sets of arrangements…S1 holders have to get a uk issued EHIC card from Newcastle as HMG is still funding health care for EU retired residents, for other Expats who are paying into the French system as workers then they get a standard CEAM.

Nothing is a typical french way

Yes, and Bob is a working youngster…so CEAM for him.

More than 2.
Expats, I hate that word, who have now retired and receiving a UK pension and are now EU retired residents( and perhaps also have a French pension) dont need an S1 if they previously worked in France. We have a CEAM.