G looking for a word

yesterday my dearest friend in the village, now living in brive, paid us a surprise visit; he is eighty-eight and in frail health, but absolutely wanted to see me;
i was deeply touched, but when he left i was also struck by and saddened by the thought that maybe this was to be our last meeting; i sincerely hope an wish that i am wrong;

oddly the last time i had this feeling was watching my beloved black cat sruff leaye the garden - never to return; he also gave what could only be described as a farewell look;

i know there is a word for this situation, but try as i might i cannot bring it to mind either in french or english;

any suggestions wil be appreciated as it is driving me mad!


Sad feeling, but also good to recognise and mark it.


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Portent, foreboding, prescience?

presentiment sounds very close, although it is not the one that i seem to recall; it has the sadness element missing from premonition;
thanks for that;

Harbinger? Presageā€¦

Oh I disagree Norman, premonition has a definite feeling that all is not well

Isnā€™t it interesting how we each define wordsā€¦premonition for me is definitely something horrifically bad like a car crash, occurs a lot in ghost stories. And presentiment is a softer, sadder word which fits a possible death better as that is sad, but not necessarily horrific.

You could have a premonitory feeling rather than a full-blown premonition.

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interesting; i had a colleague in australia (i even remember his name - john smallman, who told me one day he had had a premonition he would win the lottery - and he did; i think the ā€˜sentimentā€™ part f ā€˜presentimentā€™ influences me;

i just checked the oxford word finder and the word i was looking for popped up _ ā€˜forebodingā€™- which also translates into both premonition and presentiment my wife advises;

thaks again;

none of the buggers applied to my crash!!

Foreboding - nice one. Isnā€™t English such a rich language.

Forebodingā€¦ yes ā€¦ thatā€™ll do for me tooā€¦


We have lighthearted debates with french friends about words that are ā€˜missingā€™ from the french languageā€¦

I believe I suggested thatā€¦ :slight_smile:

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Chagrin (in French) ?


yes - where theft is rewarded eh , if a word is useful- pinch it; where french lost so much of its way by its adherence to ā€˜purityā€™; i once started a book called 'you already know frenchā€™and stopped after five thousand originally french words absorbed into english; the empire must have furnished at least as many again;