GAP (in the Haute-Alps) wants to fine people for feeding stray cats

Hello Forum Friends,

Here's another chance for us to take a stand and make some noise. Please sign this petition, spread the word and/or write a letter and/or send an email to the mayor.

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That is exactly the point Nora, it is totally irresponsible for anyone to feed cats and NOT to get them neutered thereby condeming many other poor kittens to a miserable life on the street - it is hugely selfish!

I quite understand the point you are making Lynn, but it is so cold at the moment and I cannot bear to think of these souls going hungry so have signed the petition.

We've been sent this petition at least 6 times today Melissa, and I have considered whether to sign or not very carefully.

In effect, there should not be a ban, but I have to wonder why someone would get to this stage? I've tried to make other enquiries, but so far no answers. My problem is, as always, the care of the cats in question. If someone starts to feed a cat, stray, wild or otherwise, then they need to take on the responsabilité for this cat as well. That means arranging for stérilisation! If the cats are just fed, they will not only continue to reproduce, and more so, which is obviously not only not good for their welfare, but it may also be the reason why the village human population are so fed up.

My instinct tells me to hold off until further evidence is produced and to know that a neutering programme is in place for these poor cats.