Gap needed between boundary wall advice

Good Morning, can anyone point me to a link or give advice on the following. We have a stone wall around our courtyard and last year while the Geometre was updating our plan, he mentioned that if a neighbour wished to build a new garage alongside our courtyard wall, they would need to leave a gap between our courtyard wall and the garage - presumably so the wall can breathe. Does anyone know what size that gap needs to be please? At present there is no building where the new garage will be built.
It would be useful if anyone has a link to the regulations concerning the gap, the allowed height of the garage etc. I also wonder if this varies from region to region, our house is in Bouches du Rhone.
Thanks in advance

You are “presuming” but it might well not be that at all…
Why not ask the Géomètre to clarify what he meant by that comment… I would think it perfectly reasonable to contact him… since it was only last year and his records will be current.

Is your stone wall actually on the joint boundary or within your property line??
Did he mention how big the gap should be ???

Hello Stella, thanks for prompt response. We did ask the Geometre this question but he has not yet responded. A friend suggested this type of information would usually be provided by the Mairie instead. However, I will chase up the Geometre.

Looking at the Cadastre it appears our wall is on the boundary but that is another question to clarify with the Geometre.

In the meantime, I phoned the Mairie and they asked me to send them an email with the Cadastrale references, to check if a permis de construire exists. They seemed to suggest that it is for us to make an agreement with the neighbour.

Hmm… if you can find out if the wall is, indeed, right on the boundary… that gives me something to work with.

As you will know there are regulations about fencing/trees/hedges etc being a certain distance from the official boundary between two properties.
If an existing wall is actually on the boundary line… as far as I am aware, it is under dual ownership… that is certainly the case within our village… but obviously can’t be taken as gospel… and ancient walls are another scenario altogether…

Be pleased to make enquiries if you can give me a little more information.

I will follow up with the Geometre to get his response so these questions, thanks for mentioning about the boundary wall and whether its joint.

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There are various rules depending on what the wall is for and how high it is. If you neighbour wishes to build something habitable (with planning permission of course) it has to be 3 metres away for single story or 5 metres for two story. Not sure what it would be for a garage.

For just a wall one can build on the limit of one’s property (remembering that foundations also have to be on your own land) as long as material and height are in accordance with local planning rules. .

Or one can come to an agreement to have a un mur mitoyen.

We’ve had a response from the Geometre to say that our neighbour does not need our permission to build a garage against our wall although he does need our consent to join his building to it. The garage can rise to the height of neighbouring buildings even if it deprives us of a little light. The Geometre recommends that we look at the permis de construire which has not yet been prepared and in fact the neighbours are asking to speak with us about the plans. We will be in France in a couple of weeks time so the best thing is to have this chat with the neighbours and find out what is planned. Thanks both of you for your responses which are appreciated.

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Great idea… chat with the neighbours.
If you’ve not let them know already… give them the dates when you should be here and then everyone can relax and await a nice, gentle, friendly chat.