Gap year and situation professionnelle

One of our daughters was originally going to take a gap year before starting university. She finished a ski season in April and then did some travelling .She then changed her mind and decided not to go to uni this year and has got a job in the Uk which she started last week . We have notified CAF as to change of circumstance and they are asking what her ‘ situation professionnelle ‘ is for the period from April until September as she did not sign up with the pôle emploi. The reason she did not sign up was that she was not actively looking for work and did not want to claim any benefits. Could anyone help please? Many thanks.

Sans emploi but you have to explain pas à la recherche d’un emploi.

Thank you very much. Can I say she was travelling ?

I suspect travelling won’t cut the mustard. You need something a bit more sérieux.

Oh dear I am a little worried because I am not sure why they want the information. She tried to do the right thing as we thought it would be dishonest to try and sign on when she was not actually looking for a job .She knew she had a job to go to in September so wanted to travel .Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you

Are you seeing them in person? If so (I’d recommend it) just tell them that! They will tell you what to put. I expect they want to be sure shz wasn’t working au noir.

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Thank you very much for your help it has been much appreciated.

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You’re welcome. :relaxed: