Garage roller door

Does anyone know anything about roller doors and their maintenance?

The previous owner had new PVC doors & windows installed including roller shutters - powered for the doors, including the garage door.

Most work fine but the garage door never worked well and seized completely a few years ago - but it’s slowly working its way up the to-do list.

Does anyone have any hints, links or the right French terms to use in searches for parts or anyone who can do the job if I decide it’s too complex for DIY?

a place to get started maybe

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Leroy Merlin have a good range of powered rolled doors and shutters. It might be worth calling in and asking for their advice - take some photos with you…

I need to figure out what is happening - the motor won’t lift the shutters - it always struggled and needed “helping” by manually lifting the whole thing from the bottom as it was rising, gradually the “difficult spots” increased in size and number (originally it just needed help in the first foot or so, then halfway up as well and now it’s pretty much ****ed).

I’m not sure if it is simply a question of lubrication being needed, or it’s a partially burnt out motor or what.

I have only investigated these things on two occasions - both on the ‘less expensive’ side:

  1. The slightly underpowered motor was stalling as the guide tracks had become dented over the years, making it difficult for the rollers at the end of the slats to move freely. This was sorted by extensive use of a hammer and a short length of 4x2 to remove all the dents.
  2. Some of the links between individual slats had stretched, meaning that the slats were no longer parallel and were thus getting jammed. They ended up replacing the entire door as the linking pieces were not available as a separate item…

I’d start with a thorough clean and lubrication. If that doesn’t fix it, it should at least make it easier to see where the problem is.

Bon chance!

Sounds like a plan, I’m reluctant to get into the situation that I can’t get it back together but I suspect this is a scenario best summed up by reference to eggs and omelettes.

I’ve found this stuff - applied with an old brush’n’dustpan type brush - to be pretty good when there’s a substantial amount of grease and grime to be removed.

I’ll keep it in mind.

more reading

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