Garden well / pump / whatever it is called

Hope the collective can help?

We have a well / pump in the garden of our house in Carmaux that needs some work on it to get it working again. This is the only photo I have of it - not very good I know:


A couple of questions if I may?

1 - What is the exact tern for this in French? It might make my search on line a little easier
2 - Anyone any idea how it might work? I t doesnt look like it works on a pump principle as, to draw water, you turn the large wheel.

All info very gratefully received as I am looking to use this to supply our garden water.

Can’t tell much from the photo.

Archimedes screw?

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According to this article, water from a well on your property can only be drawn if you have a meter installed to measure your consumption, but that may not be the case where you live. :thinking:

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It’s called a…pompe de puits ancienne manuelle.
Hope that helps your search of how to repair it, also your neighbours may know of a local plumber who can fix it when you are there.
Good luck Carl :slight_smile:

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Everyone I know that has a well in their garden draws water as and when they want to use it.
I have a piece of commune land adjoining my garden. There is a well that is never dry, I do not use the water but could if I wanted to as most people think the well and the lavoir alongside it belongs to me !
There is a source that aliments it and flows on down to our local parc sauvage.

Found this Carl, hope it helps .

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Wonderful! Thank you Ann :slight_smile:
That looks remarkably like what we have. I also found this just now…

Many thanks for all your help folks - you see before you a satisfied forum member!!!

Can’t really see much from the wee pic’ Carl, but it looks impressive :slightly_smiling_face:
A piston type, would be my guess!

Hi Peter… just a bit of info, lest your post gives folk the wobblies…

The metering system is aimed at those who use well water for forage/crops etc etc…

In general, a well on private land, which is used by the proprietor for watering the garden, filling the pool etc does not need a meter…( but be aware it might become necessary ).

However, if the private well water is being used in conjunction with Mains or not, and finding its way into the Public Waste Water system or Storm Drains… then it could/would be appropriate to meter and to be charged a % of the water used from the well… towards costs of treating the Waste Water etc… (unless, of course, it is being sent into your own Septic Tank). Whatever, if you are intending to use it within the home, it needs to be tested regularly … and the Mairie should be informed.

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Sorry Bill - its the only photo I have that even remotely shows the pump…and this was cropped from a much larger photo!

Will try to do better next time :rofl::rofl::cry:

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I’m very envious of your “equipment”. There is a well on our land. Sadly the equipment has been lost over time and the roofing structure demolished by a “well-wisher” who thought it looked dangerous… :thinking:

Two neighbours have electric pumps in the well… we are still thinking about getting one… too many other things to work on…

there is a gate on the “public” side, where anyone who wishes to, can draw water… but only if the equipment is there… :pensive::thinking:

Wouldn’t be surprised if ‘it’s’ prob, is as simple as a ‘flap valve’, stuck open, or shut!

I should add… that in times of absolutely-desperate-drought… even homeowners have been asked to stop/limit using their wells…:zipper_mouth_face:

Next door have a well, it went dry last year, not this, so far!, mind, it could, not now, be as deep as it was originally.

We were on well-water in UK and in 27 years it only ran dry once… when an Enterprise, developing the surrounding fields, broke through the water table while drilling for foundations.

It was just like someone had pulled out the bath plug…

Thankfully, almost a year later things had righted themselves. Until that time, I brought containers of water home from work… every night… and rainwater butts came into their own.

My well has never run dry but I had a surprise when I looked into it during a wet spell earlier in the year as the water level in it was well over 4 metres higher than usual and up until then I’d never seen the water level change by more than a few cm. My neighbour and I use an electric pump attached to a hosepipe to water our plants when it’s very dry like at the moment.

Just up our road, a chap has 3 wells… and each has an electric pump attached which sends the water outside into the garden rather than overflow into the cellars… it works automatically (don’t ask me how).

The well in our garden is always about the same level, no matter what…

I would have said the same before seeing how high the water level had risen that one time.

Thanks for setting things straight, Stella. I found the link by looking for well-head contraptions, and the one featured looked very much like Carl’s, but there was no technical information on it, 'tho it looked like a pump to my unpractised eye.

Carl, pop along to Bompart or Bricomarché (both in Carmaux) and buy yourself an electric pump. You’ll save yourself soooo much time, hassle and probably money at the end of the day :wink: