Garden woes

I could swear these things are supposed to grow up, not horizontally :frowning:

I think you might have been absent for the lesson on pruning…

My screen is unclear… is this mimosa or forsythia ???

It’s getting one heck of a prune now :slight_smile:

A neighbour gives away huge bunches of mimosa at this time of year… smells wonderful… but not everyone likes it…

Dunno, blossom looks like your photo.

Looks like mimosa to me from the pattern of flowers.

You lucky chap… I love mimosa but have nowhere to grow it…

the blooms are small balls… and the foliage is feathery/fernlike…

Well I used  to have a mimosa. I now have a pile of logs, and a sore back - but nearly done.

I don’t really recall seeing it in full blossom - though if this time of year is when it is in flower then we are not usually here - we missed the normal mid Feb trip over hence me being here this week and the next visit is usually Easter.

:roll_eyes: you are obviously best mates with my late-neighbour… he used to chop things wildly… and chuckled as I bellowed " Assassin" at him… :wink::hugs: we would share a glass afterwards…

Your garden… your rules… :relaxed::relaxed:

Not a great deal else I can do - the trunk used to be vertical, it is now horizontal with most of the roots snapped.

Are you redoing the garden… or just a rough tidy-up??

I wasn’t planning on that much in the garden - just a mow and a bit of a tidy up, we’ll do the main work at Easter when we are all here.

But I went to the shed Monday AM and found the tree “reclining”. Thankfully did not fall onto the wall between us and the neighbour so no damage done to much else (except the hydrangea it fell on is looking a bit sad).

A couple more cuts with the chainsaw and it will be out - but I’m at the thickest part of the trunk, about 35cm so it’s getting a bit hard going.

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Take care… rule of thumb around here is… put the chainsaw down and walk away if it starts getting difficult…come back to it a bit later on.

There have been one or two nasty accidents with chainsaws… due to difficulty or tiredness… not always clear which…or maybe both…

I am, being careful that is - the reason I’m chatting is that I’ve come inside for a breather.

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Where in France are you Paul? How I envy those that can just ‘pop over for the weekend’…

It takes me the thick end of 10 hours of driving to get down to our house - and 10 hours back again ! - so weekend jaunts are just not on unfortunately :sob::sob:

Brittany; can’t really “pop” for weekends - door-to-door is about 12-14 hours depending on the ferry. If I get the overnight Portsmouth-Caen crossing I can be at the house just after 10am on Saturday in ideal conditions (often closer to 11am) but then would have to leave at 12 on Sunday to get the ferry back. So, a weekend trip, although theoretically doable, is not really a practical proposition unless there were a dire need.

I’ve been here a week this trip.


Ah - I understand your point Paul. When I said 10 to 12 hours for me, that was from Calais. Factor in a trip from Birmingham, and the ferry, then I guess you could add another 6 to that.

3 weeks to go for us, then we are off but just for a week. I know there will be grass to cut, 60m of evergreen hedge to cut as well as all I want to do within the basement garage.

Still, far far better than being at work!