Gardening Bloggers!

(Jill Harrison) #1

I thought it might be nice to start a list of people who have Gardening Blogs and we could exchange with each other, if you do have one, it doesn't matter if it has other things on the blog as long as it is mainly gardening, then add it here,

I have just started one called: La Maison des Fleurs La Maison des Fleurs

(Victoria FERAUGE) #2

This is not a gardening blog per se but I found this post quite charming. Two French ex-pats in Seattle are writing about their experiences. One day they participated in the creation of a community garden in their neighborhood and guess who showed up? The nudists. Go figure :slight_smile:


(Jill Harrison) #3

Yes everybody Steves blog is great! In fact I will be doing a little plug for him on my blog at will let you know on here when I have done so.

(Steve Bichard) #4

I have a little blog for anyone that is interested In growing tomatoes, and a few other crops. Quite a few handy tips, and I will guide you through the growing season.


Mr Tomato King

(Jill Harrison) #5

Hi Colin,

I have just had a look at your gardening blog and it’s lovely, the only thing is I cannot seem to follow you, do you not have a section for that?

Why don’t you come over to my blog this Saturday (or before) as I will be holding a competition for some free seeds, go to

(Jacqueline Brown) #6

Just read a couple of posts Colin - I will be back! Love the photo of the Dicentra - we keep loosing ours (I blame the chickens and their scratchy feet!).

(Colin Elliott) #7

My own gardening blog can be found here:
Please drop in and say hi!


(Jacqueline Brown) #8

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Jill Harrison) #9

Glad you like the idea girls! and Jacqui your blog is great!!!

(Jacqueline Brown) #10

This is a great idea Jilly. I know I write about other stuff too, but as the spring and summer roll on there will be a lot more set in the orchard and garden (especially the veggie plot). So come and take a look at the French village diaries

(Catharine Higginson) #11

Excellent idea!