Gardening without chemicals

I’ve just started on a new (for me) approach to getting rid of bindweed using empty tins rather than painting the plant with glyphosate. I saw this in Lyon botanic garden and thought I’d give it a go…looks a little Andy Warhol I think?
Maybe for the next bed I’ll paint the cans to look like little animals…

Any other good ideas around?

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Seems worth a try… bindweed is a real nuisance.

At the moment, I pull it gently out of the ground with as much of the root as possible and leave it on concrete surface to dry out completely, then it goes on the fire… :upside_down_face:

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I wonder if that will work with brambles?

Hope you have a permit for those fires @smw :wink:

:rofl::rofl: I use it as kindling for the woodburner… or the barbecue…:relaxed: