Gas boiler recommendations please

I need to select a new gas boiler for a property that we are renovating in a village that has town gas.

I am hoping for a Combi-boiler so no hot water tank needed. The radiator requirement will be approx 10kW then the hot water on top of this.

I know what I would pick if in UK but I have no idea what boiler to head towards in France.

I would be grateful for recommendations.


Viessmann boiler but 10kw is small, are you sure?

The radiator calcs suggest 10kW should be fine - I will need additional capacity for the hot water.

Does the figure take into account heat loss, obviously I have no idea of your building but smallest ever I have installed was 20 something kw.

I used this website:

The total heat output required is 7.9kW.

Is there a fundimental flaw in my calcs? Total house area is approx 115m2.

My last house was on town gas and I installed a Weissmann boiler which was brilliant.

Hi Matt,
Sorry neede to be at home to view this and play.
I used another calculator,
Now I don’t know the make up of your house but based on mine but with your measurements I got larger heating requirements for lounge, bedrooms etc. Only the hall was similar. That not based on the cold winters of France but 50% on top of these ideals is where I would go. Interested to see how that works out?