Gâteau de Savoie recipe

Mmmm yum!

sounds delicious but rather too much sugar… maybe ??? I have to keep things on an even keel most of the time.

I’m sure @Jane_Williamson will have a say about that :yum:

I’ve got loads of eggs… lemons , butter and flour… it’s just the sugar I’m questioning…
and, of course, I don’t have a mould… would a glass bowl work ???

It is for 8 - 10 people after all.

You could use a cake tin.

My goodness - in what alternative universe could you possibly call that a biscuit :scream: :smiley:
MUST have a go…tomorrow perhaps…

Biscuit = cooked twice
gateau à la crème = cream cake

Perversely when being smart alec pâtissiers we quite like to refer to a cake base mixture we can then do something else with as a biscuit even when it isn’t, and we also call actual biscuits gâteaux (secs).
It is one of those things designed to confuse foreigners, like cricket :grin:

I make gateau de savoie for goûter often, and also savoiardi which are similar but a different shape :relaxed:

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More like the Duke of Cranberry.

Donkeys ago I had a close friend that lived in Aix-le-Bains, pre tourist overload, a wonderful place to live in those days.

My late wife and I were lucky enough to spend two years in Grenoble forty years ago. A great place, wonderful (French) friends and challenging job. That’s when we decided to retire to France in due course.

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