GBP v EURO at 16 month high €1.21 for your pound!

If you transfer currency from you home country to France, you should consider using a broker. They offer better rates than you will generally get from your own bank and in my experience provide a more user friendly and faster service.

The GBP EURO rate is currently on a 16 month high, if you want to make lump sum or regular transfers I can highly recommend our Currency partner TorFX.

If you would like to keep up to date with the Euro you can subscribe to their free updates on GBP/EUR and EUR/USD by clicking here

Survive France members who use TorFX for their foreign currency exchange transfers can earn free Marks and Spencers vouchers too!

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keep on going up I say - currently hubby earning in sterling so enjoying a marginal uplift vs our euro income at the moment....come on sterling keep going up :)

Euros to Sterling is worse yes Katrina

Ah but if I send money home regularly, I guess this is not good news for me?

Whey hey ! the rate certainly helps the balance for our pension transfer!!

I've used them and they're pretty good but you need to change quite a lot of money to get good rates. Service is top shelf and you can set trading limits/goals with them, which helps.

Thanks Gillian :)

Thanks for the up to date info James! Great service you provide both for information and socially - keep up the good work!