General Medical and x-ray long term residency

We just underwent the recent medical checks in order to stay for longer than 3 months in France for renewing long term visas / titre de sejour and living here permanently.

Thought it would be useful for anyone who may be facing the same process to know how it all panned out for us and what to expect.

Letters - we received two letters (in the same envelope) delivered by La Poste. This was about 6 weeks after our arrival in France. A convocation (obligatory) attendance for a lung x-ray and the second appointment for a general medical. In order that we were approved to stay beyond 3 months in France.

X-ray - this is mandatory. This is for lungs. We were given a date and time to attend at our nearest large hospital with specialist X-ray facilities. Turned up maybe 15 mins in advance. Went to waiting area. Nobody else there. Charming nurse, very jolly ushered us in straight away with no waiting. Strip to waist (ladies, don’t wear a dress, make it easy on yourselves). X-ray was simple: stand on the machine, press your chest on the panel, take a breath when told and hold it pushing your chest on the panel. That was it. Results were sent directly to the OFII doctor which was conducting our general medical exam

General medical exam - arrived some 25 mins early and was unsure if they would let us in or ask us to come back on time. Let us in. Nobody there in the waiting area although there was somebody in with the doc. Waited maybe 10 or so minutes. Meanwhile were asked to fill out a two page form on our ‘mental state’. Some very odd questions about whether we had thought about joining ‘gangs’ or ‘killing people’ ??? Nurse came to fetch us (we both went in together which I hadn’t expected). Doc was lovely and put us at our ease. General questions about lifestyle (smoking, drinking), taking any meds (she was surprised at my age that I had never taken and do not take any meds - “what, not even to help you sleep?”), then blood pressure, pulse, heartbeat, checking breathing front and back, movement of legs, weight, height). That was about it.

You will receive an ‘attestation’ straight away that you are healthy to continue living in France along with your lung results.

I was worried to death about all of this and at the end of it there was nothing to worry about at all. Hope this will help put minds at ease if anybody is going to go through it. :smiley:


Thank you so much for this clear explanation … I am sure those who have yet to go through this will feel somewhat comforted…


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You and all who read the forum are more than welcome. Wouldn’t want anyone going through the same worry. Thank you