Geothermal heat pump

Does anyone know someone who can repair a geothermal heat exchange pump? Thank you

Have you tried your local “Pages Jaune”?

Oh yes and some…I am seriously considering seeing if I can get someone from the UK…pay for the flight etc…Seems that those who work in geothermal here are unable to transfer skills and will only work on a machine that they know, despite the fact they all work on the same principal…bit like gas boilers…same principal different manufacturers!
Seems like a dead end in France, like so many dead ends here!

I know the problem, I have a swimming pool heat pump, if they go wrong might as well chuck it away (mind you probably much cheaper than a geothermal one).


Who fitted the geothermal heat pump in the first place ?? and roughly, when ??

Go for it if you see that as the solution.

I had mine repaired last month by a very good professional outfit called ‘MEN’ based in Charlieu (71) but that may not be useful to you geographically.

Thank you for the replies, but guess what, I have a genius living with me who has managed to repair it…He wasn’t too impressed with the wiring as he said it was sloppy…(this is a 9000 euro machine) .has fitted a new starter and tidied up the wiring…what a clever man!

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So did you inherit or buy this 9000 euro machine… ??

Was installed when I had the house built, however they company who installed they system have gone bust, hence the reason I was asking…the whole installation cost 19000 euros 10 years ago and the life of the heat exchanger is supposed to be 25-30 years!!!

Hi Leonora… what a shame it is more than 10 years…

might have been able to get help from the Installer’s 10-year Insurance…(still valid even if the professional does go bust).

You’d better hang on to the “genius” …:wink:.

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Wouldn’t be Enalsa by any chance? We had our machine installed but not mise en service just as they went bust. What department do you live in that you have found someone to fix it? Do you have compresseurs?

Melissa… provided the contractor’s insurance was up-to-date when they did your work… you could make a claim through their Insurer to get the work properly finished and paid for… or have you tried this route already…??

No not Ebalsa… Welive in dept 47 and OH fixed it!