Gerard Petiteau scam?

Has anyone had someone called Gerard Petiteau trying to book b&b or Gite. His email seems highly suspicious.

Not that name, but we do get quite a few likely scams that we ignore totally. I’ve pasted one in below for you to see. They are usually for several weeks, there’s usually some sort of story to show they are ‘genuine’, they are usually written in a very over the top flowery language, and often show that it’s obvious they haven’t looked at the güte detail (eg sayimg they are 7 people when we only accept 6). And they never come from a well known email address, like orange or btinternet.

En vue d’organiser des vacances avec ma femme, je serais dĂ©sireux en tant que Ă©tranger Français dans votre rĂ©gion de pouvoir bĂ©nĂ©ficier de la location de votre Bien. Elle doit se tenir le 10 Octobre AU 31 Octobre soit 4 semaines de sĂ©jour.
En ce qui concerne la réservation, je souhaiterai le ferai par virement bancaire ce qui semblerait un moyen de rÚglement sécurisé et suivi, est-ce possible ??
Je vous serais obligé de me faire savoir si vous pouvez répondre favorablement à ma demande, en me précisant les clauses concernant cette location.
Je me tiens à votre disposition pour tous renseignements complémentaires qui vous seraient utiles.
En espĂ©rant que vous pourrez rĂ©pondre favorablement Ă  notre demande, je vous prie d’agrĂ©er, Monsieur, l’expression de mes respectueuses salutations.

Thanks Jane,

I think it is a scam as he said he had seen our ad, which we don’t have; he did not message from our website; he did not know the property name or which accommodation he wanted. The language is OTT and the address he gave is a hotel and the tel no is a fax no to another hotel. I will not communicate with him anymore. So disappointed as we thought we had a 3 week booking! Lots to learn.
C’est avec plaisir que je vous confirme par la prĂ©sente notre rĂ©servation du 06 Avril au 27 Avril 2019.
Le solde sera rĂ©glĂ© par la suite et par virement bancaire comme nous l’avions convenu.
ConformĂ©ment Ă  notre Ă©change, je vous prie de me faire parvenir par mail, un contrat et un RIB afin d’officialiser la rĂ©servation.

Veuillez agrĂ©er, Monsieur/Madame, l’expression de mes sincĂšres salutations.


Information pour Ă©tablir le contrat:

Monsieur PETITEAU Gerard.

6-8 Wellington Quay D2 Dublin Irlande

+353 1 676 5424

We wouldn’t have replied to that one
a bit of a giveaway is the language about wanting to pay by a virement and wanting a RIB. Normally people don’t ask this first off, and it’s us who tells them the different ways of paying when we send the contract. It’s unusual to volunteer that you want to pay by virement. I don’t quite understand how it works but apparently there’s some sort of scam where people send more money than required and then ask you to vire back the excess. Meanwhile they’ve clawed back the full original amount.

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Thanks Jane. I shall be more alert to these in the future

The address is for the Conrad Hotel in Dublin and the number is a fax number.

@tim17 Do you also think it’s a scam?

The address could be that he knows someone who works there perhaps? Still think it’s a scam, and personally happy to loose a booking than get tied up in something unpleasant.

Absolute scam.

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Definitely a scam, we seem to get a fair few like that.

Like us a booking out of season.
I am sure that they think that people will be less vigilant.

We always advise our rental clients to have a defined ‘rental season’ and to stick to it no matter how tempting an ‘extra’ booking seems at the time.

I’m not a gite owner but as an IT geek something just started itching and I may need to scratch it; is there no sort of centralized service where you can run these kinds of emails through and it will come back with either details or other info to help judge whether or not it’s a scam (or, maybe not that explicit, perhaps something just informing you that something’s not entirely on the straight and narrow).

Seems like it may be a fun thing to have

Don’t quite see how that would work? People can change names and email addresses as often as they like and if they haven’t actually committed a scam then you can’t really show them up can you? Maybe a section on güte owners fora like laymyhat

I reckon after a few years you develop a nose for people trying it on.

There are also general sites to check for scams, like this one

More a thing that when given the details (name, email, possible phone number) does a reverse search on various places (google, etc.) to see if what they say actually matches the real world. In your example above the address was for a hotel and the phone number belonged to a different hotels’ fax line - which, obviously, would be a big red flag.

But, you do have a point with the tools already being there - and the noses, also :slight_smile:

We have not heard back from Donovan Bennett after we told him we were not accepting his booking.
It was money laundering.

Good grief

Good grief indeed! And just for 125€
 a bit sickening. Mind you the final line from AirBnB is also a bit jaw dropping - it’s hardly an impressive response to remove the listing

“Airbnb has previously said it was “deeply saddened and outraged” by the case, and that it had removed the listing from its site.”

Do you Güte Owners
 ever have trouble getting paid
 ??? :thinking:

Never in 6 years
the worst that has happened is someone who rounded down the bill and knocked off 40 centimes. (Shouldn’t speak too soon obviously with new season just underway)

Payment for the holiday shouldn’t be an issue, payment for any damage can be a different problem though. One of our former clients had to replace a pool liner (3000 Euros) after it got ripped by a guest, the security deposit was 300E, in theory every renter should have insurance covering such damage but no one does and the owner has to cough up every time.