German Curry Ketchup

Does anyone know where you can buy German curry ketchup in a supermarket? I am also looking for the German curry seasoning/salt for french fries.

Hi Peter,
Unfortunately, I can only think of the Alsace as the nearest place in France where you might (and I say, “might”) be able to source this, although I confess to never having seen it on sale there in any of the supermarkets or grocery stores.
I was having a discussion with my wife about this very topic just the other day !
Failing that, a quick trip (depending on where you live) to Baden-Wurttemberg would do the trick !

Alternatively, you could always order it from Amazon…


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here’s a recipe if you cannot buy the ready made, in a pinch you can just use ordinary ketchup and sprinkle medium curry powder over your sausage and ketchup (this is the poor version served at some dodgy fast food stalls)

Good link Bettina or gute verbindung as us curreywurst aficionados say :slightly_smiling_face:

Aldi has a curry sauce of some sort in their barbecue sauces alongside ketchup sometimes. Lidl might too. I have no idea if this is the right stuff as I never got the Currywurst etc. taste in Germany.

“Mit senf” is the correct option for currywurst.

Especially if you’ve had one stein too many and are somewhat über alles der platz.

Karen its a ‘Berlin’ delicatessen. Or the Berlin equivalent to a kebab, Curry wurst is a
must eat when in Berlin and there are food stalls rated by the quality of their ingredients more than by their surroundings. We used to go miles for the right ‘wurst’.
Just like Munich has a ‘wurst’ tradition. Theirs is a ‘weiss wurst’ (white sausage) which should not be eaten after 12.00 noon. But for elevenses with a small beer and a pretzel.
One thing is for sure - Germans like their wurst.


Wurst is best :heart_eyes:


Like the dodgy Imbiss in Hamburg’s Hbf :rofl::rofl:

That one I don’t know. Wild usually fly into Hamburg. But on the off day being a Sunday - Fish market for a Matjes or some smoked Eel…
You can take the German out of Germany… but the cravings never go away


Well, it looks like is much cheaper than Amazon, but disappointing the supermarkets don’t have the curry sauce and salt. Carrefour in Belgium and Spain do, but not France

Most non-French food or drink product ranges tend to be token gestures unless they involve France’s former colonies, or areas of influence. On the whole, and this is a massive generalisation, the French palate of a sizable proportion of the population doesn’t appreciate spicy stuff, so no real demand for weird and exotic foods. Perhaps that is changing with the younger generations (hopefully).

Let’s face it, a few years ago, you would never have found onion bhaji, pakora or indian subcontinent style samosas in Lidl.

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Or all the Ducros Indian spices - still all pretty mild by UK standards, but better than nothing. And one or two have a bit of a kick.

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I really don’t think what is mainstream curry in any country I’ve been to in Western Europe, is really curry at all.

The British have curry nailed so far as any Western country is concerned

I just treat curry powder here as just another spice and often top it up with, say, ginger. No I am not a curry purist (so I don’t gently fry spices then grind them etc.) mass produced powder will do me if it’s got some kick.


In Viktualienmarkt, no less. Small beer or white wine, on personal preference :beer::clinking_glasses:

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I’m rather surprised that nobody has mentioned zigeunersauce.
IMHO better than curry ketchup.

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Look for things like sauce samouraï in the supermarket if you like those other ones you’ll probably like it.

Alternatively make some nice garlicky mayo, chop some chillies and ginger and stir them in, add a spoonful of toasted ground cumin and coriander seeds and you’ve got something quite nice…


One of the best Indian food experiences in Europe that I ever had was in a tiny back street dosa restaurant 5 minutes walk from Gare Du Nord.

Best curry ever was in Kerala where both the seafood and mutton dishes were mentally good. I might have enjoyed a few Kingfisher Golds while I was there as well…

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