Get a lawyer in France...for free!

We often have people enquire through the web, wanting to engage their landlord or employer in court proceedings, but are hesitant due to the financial costs in doing so.

As with most countries, France has their own system of legal aid or "Aide Juridictionnelle." This provides qualifying individuals with free legal council. Important to note, you can choose whichever legal professional you want to represent you, or fill out the application first and use the courts recommended professional.

To qualify:

- You must be a legal resident of France, either of European nationality or with a valid Carte de Séjour.
- You must earn less then 929 Eur for total coverage or less then 1393 Eur for partial coverage. This amount increases 169 Euros per dependant.


-Download Cerfa 12467 01 "Demande d'Aide Juridictionnelle", fill it out yourself (if you have not found legal council), or take it to your lawyer to assist with the document preparation.
-Get together all of the extra documentation required, as follows:
- Passport and Photocopy
- Carte de Séjour (if applicable)
- Rental contract (if renting), Taxe Fonciere (if you own your property)
- Utility bill dated within the last 3 months
- Livret de Famille (if you were married in France)
- Your last 3 payslips or urssaf declaration (if self empoyed)
- Your last Avis d'Imposition (if available)

There are of course exceptions to these documents, and sometimes more documents required based on the particular situation. To consult the full list check here annex demande aide juridictionnelle.

-You then have to submit the request. If you have a lawyer already they will have a couple of forms to fill out themselves so will submit your request for you. If you do not have legal council, take the forms and the extra documents as listed above to the Tribunal du Grande Instance in your town. If your town does not have a TGI, take your paperwork to the local Mairie, they will be able to pass it on to the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Any other questions don't hesitate to ask.


Hi Celia,

It is 929 euros per month if you want to recieve 100% coverage, 1393 euros is the most you can earn per month and still recieve at least 50% coverage, of course if you have children the amount you can earn will increase. Also, there are certain instances if a major crime has been committed against you, where everyone qualifies irrespective of income.

Thank you Jennifer. One question, is the ceiling of 929 euros per month?