Get 'em out for sfn

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #1

HEY all you friendly lovely people out there

we are going to do a charity calender a la calender girls and want willing victims volounteers just inbox if you want any more details


(Miles Barrington) #2

Does my bolster not come up to scratch then? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Catharine Higginson) #3

And why exactly do you think I typed just that? *cackles*


(Catharine Higginson) #4

Brilliant! Look forward to hearing the pig story one day! Cx

ps feel free to add me on FB btw

(steve Clinton) #5

I Am always on offer My face book profile picture is of me walking in the buff in the snow last year across my friends place, I did it as he is American and such a prude so I decided to give him a shock I must add it was tastefully done and you can’t see any of my tackle one because of the pose I was in and secondly it was freezing and that’s my excuse .I also have a number of pics with me and my pigs (all deceased now ) but that’s another story …too much wine and that’s all I will say on that matter god the things we do under the influence of the grape

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #6

are you offering yourself up there Steve? ive never said its just for ladies i would love some gentlemen to participate


(Catharine Higginson) #7

Au contraire Steve - guys are more than welcome but to date we only have one male member.

Are you volunteering then? Let PJ know if so please - thanks!

(steve Clinton) #8

Isnt that a bit sexist how come its just the ladies whacking them out ?..I would just like to say at this point I am not gay ,not that there is any thing wrong with being gay ,I just was making a comment of equal oppertunities …

(Catharine Higginson) #9

As I've been writing "Tool of the Month" for the last 2 years for Living France (and yes it did used to make us snigger) has to be renovation...!

Seriously PJ - think you and the participants should decide!


(Miles Barrington) #10

Renovation! All those tools in strategic places and it does seem to be a major topic for the expat community! I would get my bolster out if I could…

(Stuart Wilson) #11

Hi Paula

I don't mind doing the drag, as long as someone provides the costume. Does that mean I have to shave the goaty?

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #12

wimp lol and i thought youd look great in a burlesque type outfit

(Andy McNee) #13

Best of luck, if you need any help with photography let me know, as for the other side of the camera, no chance sorry!

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #14

hi Joanne -

sounds good - i did modeling in my youth too then turned to the other side of the camera - i usually do gig photography but do boudoir too

my details dont really matter at the moment lol

im not gonna be doing it here as we are all in france and we are so spread out it would be a meet up for a shoot i think not quite sure yet - we only came up with the idea late last night lol

if you want my location it can be got from the members map though :-)


(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #15

here you go people heres some themes for the calendar -

if you are interesting in participating please inbox me your name and what your willing to do ( all of the photos will be tastefully done but will be a little cheeky )


to vote please either post on here or inbox me

waiting patiently for all you volounteers




SFN = choose 12 of the groupson SFN and base one of these for each month each picture will be ‘ a little cheeky’ with a theme dependant on the group



Each month will feature somekind of renovation/ diy idea – perhaps like an almanac with each month featuring what needs to be done that month – eg pipe lagging ;-p



This one could turn out to be great fun – glamourous for the ladies with perhaps if the boys are willing one with the boys in drag???



This one would be along thesame idea as the original calendar girls one but with traditional FRENCH items think bagettes – garlic, French maids



Sexy versions of French jobs think firemen, French maids, baker