Get ready to vote

Apologies if this has already been posted, but just a reminder that those of us who had lost our UK vote under the 15 year rule regain it from tomorrow. The British in Europe site has this FAQ.

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Can you merge the threads?

The only other thread I could see was about a trial, so thought it was worth pointing out the real thing. Unless I have missed another thread. :joy:

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I guess its great being able to vote again (at least for us, mega safe tory seat) but until they give all of us emigrants our own set of MPs its going to make bugger all difference.

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Should change to allow all to register tomorrow.

I settled down to make our applications this morning. All went well for both of us but I ran into difficulty with my own postal vote application.

They wanted me to take a photo of my signature, scan it into my computer and then upload it to the online form.

I had a lot of trouble holding a bit of paper up to my cam but finally got it done and copied into my computer. but when I tried to upload it it said it wasn’t the right type of file. When i look at it it says it is a Firefox PDF.

I decided to download and print off the printed version, so did that and looked up the address to send it to and it is all ready and waiting for the post tomorrow.

Fran of course did not have to jump through those hoops because I had declared myself as the competant person to do it all for her, which included not having to do a signature.

Anybody know what I have to do to photo copy, scan and send my signature?

I see I already have emails acknowledging our applications for registration but only Fran has a big welcome to postal voting. :roll_eyes:

I just used my phone to take a photo of a piece of paper I had signed. I then transferred the photo from my phone to the laptop I was using (I have Google Drive but if you don’t have access to something like that then you could just email it from your phone to yourself). The photo was saved in a .jpg format, which their site happily accepted. I was very impressed with it, I even commented about it in the feedback stage of the application.

I appreciate you don’t have a smartphone but perhaps you could ask one of the aides à domicile to take a photo for you and to email it to you. You can then save the attachment from the email and upload it.

Thanks Gareth, sod’s law but Christine has just left the building, we have been chatting for an hour and it never occured to me.

I don’t know who will come from the other organisation this evening but, as there is only one person in the whole world who does not have a smartphone :roll_eyes:, they will be bound to be able to help. :rofl:

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If I am understanding correctly … while your waiting you could try converting your .pdf signature file to .jpg using one of the many online converters.
For example this one: Convert PDF to JPG. Extract images from a PDF
or do your own google search: pdf to jpg

Thank you, I will try that because at the moment thr first effort with an aide failed. She took a photo sent it to a friend with instructions to send it to me. Unfortunately, lost in translation (between them, not me) he/she sent me a message but without the attachment.

Someone else will be along in the morning and I’ll try again but in the meantime, try your suggestion first.

Done it, I think it worked but it looked awfully tiny when I saw the result. I have received the email confirmation but I’m fully expecting to have it returned to me.

In any case I’ll get whoever comes tomorrow to have another go at the photo thing sggested by @Gareth just as a backup. :grinning:

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IF neccesary you can resize your Signature.jpg image in any Image editing programme. One such is Paint that comes shipped with Windows.

To use it simply right click on your Signature.jpg file and from the pop-up menu choose the Open With option then select to open with Paint.

When the signature image is open in Paint click on the Resize icon in the top bar and from the Resize panel increase the Horizontal value. (For example increasing from the default 100 to 200 will double the size of the image).

When finished save the resized image: File > Save as … and give this resized image a slightly different name from the original.

Thanks again for that. I have used Paint before in the very distant past, so distant that I haven’t a clue why.
I’ll keep your advice in the backup locker along with this morning’s 2nd email attempt by whoever comes to see Fran.

Then wait to see if the application I have already done is returned or finally accepted.

I find it amazing though that in this digital world so much emphasis is placed on a bit of a scrawl, which is easy for anyone to copy, when there are other methods, sms codes for instance, which could be employed more securely.

The other surprising thing is that I had already filled in Fran’s postal vote application and declared myself as the one doing it as she can’t make a signature anymore, and no-one asked for mine at that point and it was accepted without.

Success this morning when Marie-Neige took a photo and sent it to me. Only problem is it had her shadow across half of it so I asked her to do it again. Perfect, She sent it to me, It didn’t arrive and several subsequent attempts did not arrive either. As she was doing the 7nth, all the other 6 arrived at once. :rofl:

I am planning to call my local coucil in England on Monday to ask if they want me to send the improved version or if the orginal tiny one is satisfactory. BTW, M-N’s version arrived as JPEG. :smiley: