Get rid of a cold - before it's taken hold!

Okay here goes....

This is one of those blog posts that will no doubt, attract the sceptics so before you go any further, can I please point out the following:

There is no financial benefit in this post for SFN what so flipping ever.

I have no idea how this stuff works, so there is no point trying to blind me with scientific rebuttals (I managed to fail my biology O level so there really is no me)

And, as your mother probably said, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all....!

As many of you know, last year Mr H had surgery. Part of this involved a bone graft and the wound failed to heal up.

James blogged about this and one of our lovely SFN members, Don Duca sent him some silver gel and some ASAP solution (liquid silver). Now for various reasons, James didn't use the gel a lot, at least not enough to give it a totally honest review, but I did.

I have very allergic, reactive skin that is very slow to heal and scars easily. Within a few hours of applying the gel to insect bites that had become infected and had steadfastly refused to heal, the bites were looking way better. They healed so fast that even James (aka Mr Cynical) was convinced. It is brilliant stuff.

Next I tried the ASAP solution. Now this is beyond brilliant. Since using it I have not had a single cold ALL winter until last weekend. (And that was entirely my own fault as I had stupidly run out of the liquid and forgotten to order more).

On four separate occasions, I've taken two teaspoons of the liquid, one when that first tickly / scratchy throat starts and one around four hours later. Each time, it has absolutely knocked the cold on the head. This stuff works.

I've also used it as a spray for my very sensitive eyes and since doing so have had no need for eye drops.

I'm telling everyone I know about this. You can read all about it on the website but trust me when I say that it really is worth trying and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Catharine - I love British wit and humor. I got my first taste of it from a local Oklahoma radio station DJ in the 1960s, during the British Invasion. We became best mates. His name was John Ravenscroft. You probably know him by his professional radio name.

Cate, take into consideration that ionic silver colloids have been used internally by orthodox medical doctors for over 100 years, with the only complaint ever being a bluing or graying of the skin (argyria), a strictly cosmetic condition. Your paranoia seems to stem more from the programming of pharmaceutical company fear propaganda than an open minded evaluation of extant facts. Prior to the advent of penicillin in the late 1920s the only known effective therapy for afflictions such as tuberculosis and syphilis were silver salts consumed internally in extremely large doses, sometimes as high as 300,000 parts per million. From this came the first few instances of skin discoloration. Since then the only cases of this condition have come from people who badly made their own silver concoctions, using impure silver and/or water, with table salt added to speed the process, and consumed ridiculously large amounts (a quart or two) daily for long periods of time. There are no recorded instances of anyone ever being harmed by a silver colloid from a legitimate manufacturer, taken in the manufacturer's recommended dosages. Some work better than others. Some don't work at all. Each must be evaluated separately and not tarred with the same brush as the media is wont to do.

Pure elemental silver is not a toxic heavy metal. Refer to the Merck Physician's Desk Reference if you do not believe me. BUT, conventional ionic silver colloids, which carry a positive particle electron charge, readily bind to other elements and compounds which they come into contact within the body, sometimes creating silver salts, or negatively chemically interacting with prescription meds, which can be problematic when consumed in large doses, as the body cannot excrete these larger compound molecules and they build up under the skin. Because our nano-catalytic silver carries a negative electron particle charge, they will not bond with any other elements, nor will they interact with any other prescription drug the subject may be taking.

The technology which created our products gives us the first ever pure elemental silver in a nanoparticle size. This particle is solution bonded to a water molecule making it much more bioavailable than an ionic colloid simply in suspension. It is also completely inert and passes totally out of the body within 24 hours. We knew this already, from earlier University of Arizona studies, but it was one of the pertinent facts proven in the recent first ever double blind human trials currently in peer review which I posted here. These products are proven clinically in-vivo, as well as laboratory in-vitro studies, to be effective at killing a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria in under 5 minutes, in solution strengths as weak as 1.25 parts per million and not in excess of 10 ppm. Couple this with the very low dosage recommendations (1 teaspoon/5 ml per day for prophylaxis) and it is clear that the safety of these products is not in question by any rational measure.

American Biotech Labs (ABL), the creator of this technology and holder of many government approvals, both US and foreign, went to great pains to prove to themselves the safety and efficacy of these products before they were ever offered to the public. The United States Library of Congress has statements of recommendation for use by our military and Homeland Security from the retired Surgeon General of the US Air Force, Dr. Paul Carlton, MD, who is now Director, Integrative Center for Homeland Security, Texas A&M University and Health Science Center. Long time US Senator, Orin Hatch, has also recommended that the US Homeland Security consider stockpiling these products. These documents can be found in the appendix of the invited congressional testimony of the President of ABL to Members of The House International Relations Committee. These are credentials that are not easily come by for manufacturers of nutritional supplements. I invite you to examine this document and its respectable list of attached endorsements. The embedded hyperlink above will take you there.

Studies performed with other silver products are irrelevant to this conversation as the technology involved is both process patented, as is the silver particle from that process... the first issued for a medical silver product in the US since 1924. It is a completely different and novel end product from any previous iterations of medical or supplemental silver. Had you taken the time to review the material at the Lifesilver website you would now know this and we would have not spent so much time nattering back and forth. Not all is lost though, perhaps the data presented here will help someone else, less timorous, like Catharine, resolve a persistent health challenge that has resisted all current pharmaceutical nostrums.

Lifesilver has numerous MDs, as well as osteopaths, naturopaths and various other health care professionals in our client database. In our 8 years of operation we have shipped to thousands of clients all over the world, with never a complaint. I personally have been using the products for over 14 infection free years. My dogs have also benefited and vet visits are now a thing of the past.

Your admonition that anyone considering using this technology, to replace antibiotics, first "become well informed" is excellent advice. This is the entire raison d'être for our website and the links that I have posted in this thread. These are facts which you admit to have had not the time to examine before wading into the fray with opinions. Those opinions might be valid in a venue where the protagonist has provided no credible supporting material. I don't think that is our case here. Knowledge protects! Ignorance endangers.

"It is much easier to refute that to confirm." ~ Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Some time back while here on holiday here i got in between two of my dogs having a disagrement and had the end of my index finger almost bitten off, it was stitched back on at our local hospital and given a letter for my doctor in the uk who then refered me to the hospital and local clinic the clinic applied a silver dressing commenting what a brilliant job the French doctor had done saving my finger after my first visit to the hospital who refused to apply a silver dressing due to cost i ended up getting a severe infection almost loosing my finger, thanks to the clinic who kept applying said silver dressing the finger was saved though some sensitivity is lost

I’m a believer! After reading information, I don’t see why it couldn’t work. The silvadene topical has worked wonders on Burns for me. We’ve learned so many things, but we’ve also forgotten so many things… Hence the silver cup. Does it already work if you are already sick? I ask because I would do anything to be better right now. Laying here with laryngitis and other things for the last five days makes me yearn for a cure! Please advise!

Don - don't forget that Cate and I suffer from what is known as an advanced case of British humour :)

Veronique, I believe that you are referring to Silver Sulfadiazine Cream. It is sulfa combined with silver nitrate (a toxic salt) in a topical creme base. It is very good at reducing infections at burn sites. It has been the globally accepted anti-infection product for burns for years. With the FDA approval of our gels there is now a product that not only performs that same function, but also stimulates stem cell production at the burn site to hasten healing without scarring. The homepage of our website has a video presentation given by Dr Gordon Pedersen at the 2009 Anti-Aging Medical Conference. About half way through the video is a clinical case (with slides) of a woman in her 80s who has received third degree burns on both of her thighs. The sequence of photos documenting her therapy I found impressive. You can view it midway down this page

Your granny is a sharp lady.

John Withall - What Daily Mail marketing material are you referring to? To my knowledge there has never been anything about our nano-catalytic silver hydrosols/aquasols mentioned in any European news media. Please clarify. I am at a complete loss as to where this Daily Mail reference came from. I am always horrified that the mainstream media's sorry excuses for journalists will attempt to condense this data into consumer/pharmaceutical advertiser friendly sound bites, i.e., marginalized.

The researchers at Viridis BioPharma, in Mumbai, were also quite surprised by the lack of toxicity to the gut probiotics. They had been working for years with different silver preparations which devastated the subjects gastrointestinal beneficial bacteria, and probiotic supplementation was essential in all of their previous human trials. If you read the rest of their research, as well as the research from other parts of the world, you should see that ineffectiveness against microbial pathogens was not an issue... it was highly convincing. The products were so effective that Viridis now holds exclusive territorial distribution rights for the Indian subcontinent. They are distributing the products under their own marque, Silver-Water-Dispersion. There are currently investigations of this phenomena. To assume because there is no killing of probiotics that the products have no effect against pathogens is pretty wobbly logic in lieu of extant data.

A few years ago I was contacted by the head of medical research for Singapore General Hospital. I sent him product. Within a year we had set up a consortium of his colleagues with distribution licensing for a rather large swath of territory between the South Pacific and Indian Ocean. These are not snake oil salesmen and con men. They are highly regarded medical professionals who recognize breakthroughs, via clinical research, when they see them.

The FDA, as already mentioned, has approved the gels, but pharmaceutical company pressure has stalled the approvals for internal consumption although the applications were submitted with far more safety data than many approved prescription drugs have required. An LD50 test is required with any application for FDA approval. In essence the LD50 determines at what quantity of a given substance will 50% of the test animals die. The LD stands for lethal dose. The lead researcher commented that in order to kill the test animals, they would literally need to be drowned in a bucket of the substance. The FDA was reticent but finally accepted the applications, where they sit today gathering dust. They are not accustomed to dealing with products that can't kill you.

The FDA relies on pharmaceutical company money for a large percentage of its operating expenses, which the pharmas shower vast quantities of for fast track approvals - and the revolving employment door between pharmaceutical executives and FDA management positions is a huge bone of contention in the states. The ABL technology, if widely known, could devastate the obscene profits of their antibiotic markets. They are therefore loathe to accommodate this newer technology as an internally dosed therapy. Some of the ABL approval applications have been sandbagged for almost a decade, neither approved nor declined. I am not holding my breath for the FDA. But all this really means is that the manufacturer (ABL) cannot consummate the large pharmaceutical, military and governmental contracts currently pending. It in no way hampers the distribution as nutritional supplementation.

Cate states..."I still think it is worthwhile checking out peer reviewed research on this."

Cate, I have provided links to you for peer reviewed and journal published studies. Apparently you still haven't bothered to examine them. Our product has never been mentioned in the Daily Mail - and cute "eye of newt" references only cement the visibility of your lack of information re: this particular topic. The press release of the recently completed and in peer review human trials was not solicited by us. The Wall Street Journal found the press release and ran with it, since it is highly unusual to see any nutritional supplement receiving this level of credible research... at least in the US.

We learned long ago that presenting this information on forums would be met with skepticism and incredulity, so we took the path of putting up all of the verifiable research on our website and placing banner advertising on websites where people seeking alternatives to failed medical orthodoxies could find us. Those who took the effort to look through the rather large amount of data have been rewarded - and we didn't have to spend our time publicly defending this technology, against the factless, as I have had to do today.

As you may have noted, I am rather passionate about this technology and the promise that it holds for humanity. It is important information and I have dedicated my remaining years to disseminating it to those who seek it. It has made a difference in so many lives. That is my reward. That is why I always offer it for free to those who are in need and I know would benefit from it. I am certainly not in it for the money, for I would have long ago starved to death.

"The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Bad photos? Gadzooks woman - my esteemed husband has been known to shoot for the Mail... :)

Flamazine for burns, silver sulphasomething, I can't remember exactly is as old as the hills. My granny insisted everyone drink their milk out of a silver mug because a) it tastes better (subjective) and b) "it kills germs". Anecdata, obviously... ;-)

Don & Catherine, accepted, I did read the info you posted, unfortunately almost all USA posted info takes the same marketing lead tack so forgive me if I seemed a little harsh. I could accept it far more once it has FDA approval as with so many things how they work is important. Applied externally I have no problem with. Internally silver will kill bacteria etc in a non selective way, to claim is has no effect on the other bacteria in our systems is almost to prove the dose has no effect. It's difficult for it to work on one without the other.

The marketing material said "the Daily Mail, a highly respected newspaper" again seriously stretching the truth! almost without fail the DM has an article proclaiming this or that cures cancer each week, alternating from dementia to arthritis so I prefer peer reviewed information. The weight of peer reviewed information supplied doesn't in anyway convince me as it all seems biased and not scientific, it's all from rather strange sounding labs around the world rather than the top universities we all know.

I completely agree about the poor quality soil which produces food with less than 25% of the nutrients it used to contain from things like selenium, zinc, chromium etc.

I wouldn't be interested in consuming internally but the external gel I would be happy to try.

@ Cate - don't worry, I wasn't after active niceness (god forbid) just not unpleasantness.

Besides, your charming analogy has reminded me of another (less than) charming breakfast incident. And again, I would like to reassure the readership that having (accidentally) drunk my own brother's urine, I am now very careful about what I ingest...

Joking aside, you are quite right about ALWAYS checking for possible contraindications. When mere grapefruit juice can cause problems, it is always sensible to double check. But as I say, it worked for me and James and the kids and none of us are blue :)

@ John - I have been meaning to redo my profile photo for some time now so this will spur me on. In the meantime, I would like to reassure the SFN readership that I do not look like a smurf :)

Cate, I have never mentioned this product on SFN. I have been commercially involved with it for almost a decade. I don't like people who spam forums, but James complained of a health problem for which I had a solution. I contacted him privately and offered assistance. Catharine has told the rest of the story.

The fact that our company has been distributing these products to thousands of regular customers, all over the world, hardly constitutes "controlled conditions," but scientifically controlled conditions are the best we've got for evidence based medicine. We have never received anything but praise for these products. No complaints, no contraindications. I have personally used these products for the past 15 years. I have not experienced one infectious condition in this period and no side effects.

If you have bothered to review the information that I have provided, you cannot in honesty claim this to be a placebo effect. It is bringing health to people who were not getting it from conventional pharmaceutical products. You are free to do with this information as you please. Take it or leave it, but please don't offer evidence based on studies with unknown and very old technology types of silver to cast aspersions, apples to oranges, on this specific product which has accumulated over 300 safety and efficacy research papers from accredited universities, government labs and independent private institutions for rebutting those old often well founded prejudices based on studies with silver salts, colloids and preparations containing silver concentrations up to 300,000 parts per million. There has never been any toxicity associated with our formulation of silver in either clinical use, laboratory research and nearly two decades of consumption by the public.

We are curing malaria, antibiotic resistant tuberculosis, staph and strep for pennies - as opposed to some very expensive pharmaceutical therapies which have proven ineffective. American Biotech Labs (ABL) currently has 13 pending FDA applications for approvals for a wide variety of illness. The topical gel has already received an FDA approval for a prescription strength product (8 ppm stronger than the currently available consumer product). There are several EPA approvals for everything from a dental office water line disinfectant to clearing hospital surgeries of resistant microbes. It is only a matter of time before mainstream medicine comes on board. Merck, not to be left in the dust, has engaged in a joint venture with ABL, to market an otitis (ear infection) prescription product since their antibiotics are now advised to be no longer used for this specific infection, due to some very dangerous side effects. The Merck product will be a one ounce ear dropper bottle of our 30 ppm sol. It will wholesale to the pharmacies for around $60.00 (we offer the same product for $49.95 in a 16 ounce bottle). This product is also pending FDA approval.

So far there are two process patents and one applications patent held by ABL. There has been concerted effort on the part of a pharmaceutical cabal to acquire these patents. It would suggest that there is more than a passing interest in a nutritional supplement.

John, before we depleted our farm and grazing lands of their essential trace minerals, naturally occurring trace amounts of silver were found in much of our ancestor's foods. ABL has simply discovered a way to reintroduce silver, in its naturally occurring elemental state and quantity back into our diets.

Knowledge protects.

Personally I increase my intake of zinc when I feel a cold or am suffering with a cold, not as glamorous as silver but then it is more naturally occurring in our bodies and normal foodstuff like Moules (frites optional) That has also been reviewed and certainly shortens down the length of any sniffles.

I can't comment on nano silver as I don't have any information but sometimes the very tiny amounts can work better than larger doses as nano products often have different properties in that form.

I would still urge caution with any long term dosing of something not normally associated with our diets.

In 2007, the NHS spent more than £23million on silver dressings for leg ulcers and the Health Protection Agency has recommended that silver-coated catheters be introduced for the prevention of urinary tract infections.

Indeed, silver is set to be increasingly added to medical equipment and hospital furniture as a way of preventing hospital-based infections.

'Research with the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust has found that silver, incorporated in the surfaces of hospital equipment furniture, can reduce bacterial levels by 99 per cent,' says Dr Richard Hastings, microbiologist for BioCote, a Wolverhampton company that makes silver-based medical products.

'This, in turn, cuts infection risk from superbugs such as MRSA, E. coli and salmonella.'

Silver is also emerging as an effective tool for the treatment of skin conditions, burns and wounds.

'Silver dressings are now widely used to aid wound healing. In the treatment of burns, where there is a high risk of irritation and infection, it has been very successful,' says Prof Edwards Jones.

'Silver could also combat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis - topical cream containing one per cent silver can suppress the kind of inflammation found in these allergic skin conditions.'

And silver may also one day be used as an internal antibiotic-In a study at the University of Texas, silver particles killed 100 per cent of the HIV virus within three hours. It also killed the flu virus as well as the antibiotic resistant superbug, MRSA.

However, more research needs to be conducted for the internal use of silver to be considered safe. 'A side effect when taken internally, is that you can develop blue discolouration beneath the skin,' says Prof Edwards Jones.

' Researchers would need to know more about this and any other adverse effects before it is used in this way.'

Read more:

Kate and John, I would suggest that you look at the library of safety studies performed on these products. No other specific nutritional supplement has been as vigorously researched for safety...argyria is dismissed as an impossibility as these products pass completely through the body in 24 hours. There is no likelihood that they could ever build up in the body or under the skin. This is not conventional colloidal silver. Penn State University, in their exhaustive 4 year study, announced that American Biotech Labs has created nano-catalytic silver hydrosols - a completely new medical silver technology.

I would invite skeptics to review some of the published and peer reviewed studies posted here. These studies were all performed exclusively with the ASAP line of products:

The first ever double blind human safety trials were recently reported using our ASAP product:

I've had colds since September when the kids started Maternelle. I used Colloidal Silver spray for 10 days as recommended and I've been cold free for a month (even though the kids still have runny noses). The dosage on mine says 1 spray for 10 days max and not for continued use.

I have always joked that when I go out in the sun I turn white instead of blue...

It works because silver is a bactericide. Externally silver has returned to specialised wound dressings to help fight bacterial infection. Although it's quite slow acting it does work well. Copper could help to a more limited degree, it why copper door knobs and hand rails are more hygienic than plastic ones.

Taking oral silver is a different matter and one you should be very cautious of unless you want to end up looking like a Smurf! Argyria