Get Social Media Savvy with Alacim Social Media Marketing

Hello reader,

My small business is Alacim Social Media Marketing - Alacim is Micala back to front.

I registered here 4 years ago and specialised in social media marketing. That is not to say I cannot help with any other aspect of marketing as all are inextricably linked. Social Media marketing because it is an area of marketing that we all have access to - social media platforms are accessible from a personal user experience, but differs greatly when you are using social media to market and promote your business. It takes time and energy to research and prepare content to keep fans and future customers interested and interacting.

So how can I help fellow business owners? I can help by offering 1-1 training sessions via skype using a variety of different social media platforms, which are relevant to your business. Share with you useful tools that will save you some time and share with you suggestions and ideas for campaigns to attract new business.

For more information, please visit my website and you will also find useful hints and tips on my Facebook page

A useful aspect of my website is that my blog content is geared to helping business owners in France build and nurture their business… worth taking a look if you are in the process of setting up or have set up your business and thinking now what…