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Hi everybody!

I guess if you’re reading this page you’re itching by the writing daemon. So, you’re living in France, a country where people eat snails-frogs, and speak-write in French! But your first language is English, of course. There isn’t a fate! Everyday I know this challenge as a publisher and writer!

I might help you for your writing-publishing project, as well in Shakespear’s language as Moliere’s. Camenbert Cheese and British Ale, Bordeaux Wine and American Soda… My twin cultures!

How to proceed?

So merely the way: to reply at this ‘letter’. We could see together what you’re expecting for publishing.

That’s free and friendly!

have a good day!

Hi Patrick,

Yes, yes, this topic is much more pleasant, for sure. Book will be on its way tomorrow and I'll throw in an ARC of The Sleeping Madonna just for fun. Quite another cuppa tea and rather naughty.

I'm sending you the 'novel' Rachel Sarai's Vineyard. My 2nd publisher suggested calling it that to shut up the hoaxhunters. Well, they didn't and she was too involved with her own books to do anything about it. Pity.

I'm afraid that in RSV there no fiction whatsoever. And I wouldn't be able to add any thumb-sucked chapter. Too darn painful.

I tried to attach a poem, but something went wrong. Next time better.

Sunny regards,

Ruth Deborah

PS I think it worked this time!

Tender Nights

Tender is the night, F. Scott Fitzgerald said;

I tend to disagree with him.

How could I not? My nights are filled

with visions of my war-filled childhood past,

with freezing cold, and pitch-black moors,

the silenced moans of earthbound stowaways,

enemies of the Reich, subhuman humans

that followed me, a child, to a place of safety.

My nights are filled with sounds of barking dogs

way in the distance. ‘You are a sitting duck, girl!

was their message, while they wagged happy tails

against the shiny, black leather boots of their hunting masters.

My nights’ darkness overshadows her tender words, her music,

her silver-handled brush softly going through my hair.

My nights bring back the night I had to take her across the moors.

To safety, I was told. I left behind an animal that howled in pain,

a sheep, torn from her lamb and later

… no, not scarified,

but slaughtered, like so many millions with her.

My nightly hours are still filled with fear, and the knowledge,

that search as I may, there’s nothing left of her.

Tender is the night, Mr Fitzgerald? Not for all, and

for some of us, only when at five, curfew ends and

day breaks into light, the memory coast symbolically clears,

can there be the kindness of some troubled sleep.

© Deborah Rey 2006

Hi Ruth Deborah, beside your bank concerns, this slight topic about books might be more pleasant! Why am I puzzled? Maybe not the very right word, maybe just an exaggeration. I'm very interested by this kind of story: real or fictional. Because in fiction is-always-a part of real life. I'm not to give the hell for what anybody does think about hoax, it's their matter, not the mine. As the story should be thrilling, it should be published and read. That's what I told to everyone wants to relate his family's story or biographical works: with a part of fiction within the true story, you avoid all remarks.

Of course, I publish in English, or French...

My land address is:

3 rue du Logis - 85200 Bourneau - France.

You can browse my websites at:, or, in French,

Why are you puzzled by the topic of Rachel Sarai's Vineyard, Patrick? It's the story of my life (born in 1938) during WWII and my work in the Dutch Underground Resistance when I was 4/5 to almost 7 years old.

You want me to send you a copy + a Certificate of Authenticity by the Foundation 1940-1945?

I haven't finished 'Touches of Mood' (poetry) yet, but it won't be long now. Do you want to see it when it is finished?

The Sleeping Madonna is a book I loved writing (laughed and cried my head off and eyes out) and people adore, interestingly enough many of them men!

If 'yes' to sending copy of RSV + ARC TMS, let me have you address and they'll be on their way.

Good for you (no vanity press). I'm with you there.

Sunshine on your shoulders,

Ruth Deborah

Hello Ruth Deborah, I read with interest your mail and I'm puzzled by the topic of your novel 'Rachel Sarai's Vineyard'. I know the War time is a huge period for novelists, for both fiction and biographical works. On my side, several persons asked me to tell my own family's story between France and USA at the time of the June 44 landing. Nevertheless, if a day I might write it, I think I'll go to a fictionized story by respect for people and living characters. I'm also a published author (4 novels at this time) and publisher... So, I'll be glad to read your works. As a publisher, my job is to publish, eventually, isn't it? -- I publish only with royalties agreement, not as a vanity press.



Hello Patrick,

I'm a (published) author, you're a publisher and sometimes the twain could meet, non?

On SFN I am offering a gratis copy of my autobiographical novel, 'Rachel Sarai's Vineyard', to those interested.

My latest very sensual and romantic novel, The Sleeping Beauty, can be purchased at the publisher or (a signed and dedicated edition) on my blog In case you are interested: an ARC of the latter also available (wee message will do. Same goes for Rachel Sarai's Vineyard).

Rachel Sarai's Vineyard was twice withdrawn from further publication (by 1x publisher and yours truly + 1x by me) because of harassment by hoaxhunters, such as the infamous Sharon Sergeant.

The book deals with my days as a child in the Dutch Underground Resistance + the other war I had to wage against the person I called 'mother'. The hoaxhunters declared it a hoax and me a liar, in spite of official statements from the Dutch Foundation 1940-1945.

I now did a rewrite in which I name names and places and will eventually have the book published again. It's a story that must see the world and be seen by the world (Catharine, Susie Kelly and Simon O'Corra of SFN read the book)

At the moment I am finishing a collection of my poetry under the title 'Touches of Mood'. Would you be interested to see some of my poems?

Long story, simply to introduce myself:

Ruth Deborah Rey (yep, both first names, please)

Sunny regards!