Get Twexit done 😂

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Becomes Twitter’s Second Largest Shareholder.pdf (156.4 KB)

On the other hand…


Polestar is Chinese Volvo.

So, like a Volvo, but made of pot metal and all the safety test results were faked?

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Well, I’m on Mastodon, but now what?

I signed up as Porridge.

Anyone who subscribes to an outfit called ‘Twitter’ gets what they deserve.

In my rarely humble opinion


:face_with_hand_over_mouth:. .

Let me fix that for you.

Anyone who buys an outfit called Twitter should get what they deserve.

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Yup. That, too.

Well it looks like EM has found a way to get previous users back on Twitter.

It’s all been worth it just to see utter stupidity like this:

The replies pointing out who founded VW are just glorious.

Do you require an IQ below a certain level to be a Hollywood actor/actress these days?

Haha, there’s a certain irony that’s not lost on me in that she’s used Musk-owned Twitter to bemoan about Musk-owned Tesla.

And what’s with using the term “gave back”? Does she mean she sold one car and bought another? Is that newsworthy if you’re a celebrity in Hollywood these days?

Who the hell is Alyssa Milano?

Yank Z list actress and professional virtue signaller.

Oh. :roll_eyes:.

Close friend of Hu Xi and Ida Noh.


She was in that three witches thing. Still being sold off backlist round the world. Much fancied, though I have no idea what she looks like now.

A Cassandra warning that is both topical and prescient

“the web is not a free market of information as originally envisioned. It is a gamed system being rampantly abused”

Best advice is to avoid Tik Tok/Twitter/Facebook (or whatever they call it now) and all such autofeed platforms that nurtures ‘hive mind’


That has always been my mantra. Need to add LinkedIn as a hive of “assholes” as Lanier might put it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Recognise the number? Joke? Coincidence? Hint?