Gettiing a leccy supply to a house

Can anyone give me a ball park figure for the cost of getting an electric supply to a house, without laughing, we were quoted €1500 to get a 3 phase supply 10m from pole to barn so expecting it to be just a tad higher.



As you already know, the supply and installation of the necessary cabling from the nearest available point is critical. This will depend, among many others, on whether it can be overhead or must be underground. Also the distance from the edge of the property to the house may be an issue. The electrical installation of the house must be done by an ERDF-recognized electrician, or you'll have to pay (and wait) for an official inspection before they'll turn the juice on. These kinds of things make it such a wide ball-park as to be along the lines of how long's a piece of string.

You may find some useful info on ERDF Distribution's pages. They're the successor to EDF's local presence, and are likely to be the people who have most to do with getting you the juice. If the property has never had any electricity, you're also going to need a reliable electrician for all the internal work, who'll definitely be the best person to liaise with ERDF on your behalf.

We asked for a 3 phase for my workshop as i was looking at getting some bigger machines, but we're looking at buying another house, don't think it's got electric, so just a normal supply would suffice.