Getting a social security number in France

Hi all,

I’ve been living in France for almost a year with a long stay spouse visa (my husband is French). We’re trying to add me to his private health care account he has with his employer but I need a social security number to do so.

Twice now I have posted the paperwork needed in order to register for a Carte Vitale, and both times they’ve told me my paperwork is incomplete. We’re confused as to why, as we’ve triple checked all the paperwork is correct.

They haven’t given us any further advice on what to send and every time we try to call them they are closed or it goes straight to voicemail.

Feeling a little lost as to what to do next so any advice would be welcome. If any of you have any recommendations for expat private health care then I’d be open to paying for this as I’m keen to get health cover as soon as possible, even if it’s just an interim solution.

Thanks in advance!

First off if you are here on a spousal visa then you should be getting into the French Health System, not paying for private insurance. Which I presume is what you are trying to do!

Two suggestions. Firstly go see CPAM in person to ask directly. Each office is slightly different about how to book appointments or whether a walk-in service. Failing that a LRAR in their post box!

Alternatively go to your nearest France Services. They have a direct line into CPAM and can often be very helpful in getting these things sorted.

Good luck.

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I second @JaneJones suggestion - go in, in person. I had do this for my partner as they kept telling us that her dossier was incomplete by email, without telling us why…took the bull by the horns, went into the local CPAM office, took a ticket (ah, those were the days) and sat and waited our turn. Finally got to see someone face to face, and sort out the remaining (and IMHO totally doable by email had they been bothered to explain) issues.

Thank you, that’s all super helpful! Going to try and pop into our local CPAM this week.

Completely agree re: could have been done by email. Feel like they enjoy withholding information and making us bend over backwards for a simple explanation. I swear they still send things via pigeon in some parts of France.

Or " un processus fastidieux et compliqué à exaspérer un escargot" :slight_smile:

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noting that there are occasions when people are getting exasperated by emails which seem to lead nowhere… I’m wondering if certain government offices prefer to meet face to face those newly arrived people… yet can’t quite bring themselves to admit it…
and rely on exasperated people to finally turnup on their office-doorsteps… :wink: ???

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AKA “analog drones”. :slight_smile:

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The dates of those two documents is respectfully noted :slight_smile:

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