Getting an electricity supply reconnected

We are buying a house that had it’s electricity supply cut by the house’s owner. More specifically, when the old occupant died, the son had the electricity disconnected. We need to have the power reconnected so we can check things work ok. I understand you can be reconnected as a temporary supply, limited in power. Anyone know how I do this? The son suggests I do it, because that could then go onto a full supply without another change of owner. The house has a linky meter and is 3 phase.

Personally, I wouldn’t dream of getting involved. Is every interested party to arrange a temporary contract? If he wants to sell the house he needs power.

But I do tend to black and white about these sort of things :slightly_smiling_face: He’s messing around IMHO.


The diagnostic report will need power to be tested etc so your Notaire should ask the vendor to keep the supply on in his name. You don’t own the house yet until the last contract is signed and you have the key so he is still responsable. Never do anything a vendor suggests, you may live to regret it and anyway a new account would have to be opened in your name and all that implies.


That would be a pointless & costly exercise. The property already has a proper “branchement définitif”.

As long as you have the PDL (Point de Livraison) number you can open a new account with an energy supplier & it will be reinstated. As the property has a Linky it may be a simple remote exercise via a distant keyboard if you can still see things on the Linky screen. If you can’t then a physical intervention will be required to put the main supply fuses back in.

The PDL will be on the previous owner’s electricity bills. For now I’d go for whatever power rating (kVA) that they were using as that will run the property correctly. You can always have it increased if your usage of the place demands more (another thing simply done remotely these days).

EDIT: It is not unusual for vendors to have had the supply cut off, especially if a long wait on the property market is anticipated. If you are definitely buying there’s nothing to stop you taking on the power contract ahead of completion.

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Noting that you mention wanting Electricity to check that things are working…
If you’re serious about the purchase, allow for a sum necessary to do whatever work might be needed… and negotiate the Price down sufficiently, with the Seller.

just a thought… :wink:

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We purchased a while back the house had been empty for a long while, we contacted EDF on the English speaking number and we pay 20 euros a month whilst we refurb it, they came out reconnected and fitted a new metre and we actually ended up in credit so had money paid back into our bank account