Getting BBC iplayer in France

Is there something I can download to get iplayer on my laptop

I tried the Untelly free trial just for curiosity. I got it to work on my computer OK except it interfered with how I downloaded my BBC pod-casts. I also tried it on my Kindle fire but couldn't get it to work even though they claim it is supported. I then tried it on my Husbands Acer A1 810 and that's not supported by the downloadable app and seems to have made it unfindable as a device on my computer when I plug it in on the 'pooter via USB . I have contacted acer about this now I have undone the Untelly settings. Not that impressed over all sorry to say I will stick with Hola even if I can't use it on a Kindle Fire. Just my opinion in case anyone is interested

Thanks Claire, looking forward to watching some Corrie.

Thanks Doreen, appreciate the info i will give it a try. To be honest i'm still finding my way round my computer, haven't a clue what i'm doing sometimes, but that was nice and clearly explained thanks.

I've tried hola and, after only two changes, I-player works well with a bit of buffering because of my slow broadband (kiwi) but Jason!

Hola - many thanks for the tip. Much better than vpn.

I'd be pressing the kudos button lots of times, if there was one.

Just give it a postcode we used the one where weused to live .It's for regional variations. you ned an email also that works with a french email.

Hi Doreen, I can get into BBC no problem but for ITV player do i have to register to use it? how do you get round that?

Thanks Neil. We have a VPN number that our son in law, who works in the UK registered with so that our daughter can watch Netflix here in France. He passed the number to us so that we can also watch Netflix. After reading your reply, I realise we are able to watch ' Gardeners World' (plus other BBC programmes) which makes OH very happy! Never realised that by using the VPN number we would be able to watch English TV. Thank you very much.


8 day free no credit card required ....year you pay them in Dollars , so what ! its an american service !!!!!

VPn is ok technology ...its always going to be slow (Virtual Private network) means all the stuff you vieew is going via a server based in the UK ....with a DNS service it comes straight from the service provider, just like it would if you were in the UK, or the USA if you want to watch ABC, NBC, HULA or HBO ! me this is the best we have used it for years, we have been in ~France now for 12 years and Have used it since 3 months into our broardband contract ...all devices are connected at the same time just by changing your Router / orange box whatever you have's DNS server address ( Numbers) ...easy me if you get stuck setting it up simonothen@gmail dot com

you can change the region you want to be in also, so if you want to access US based on demand services you can elect to appear to be in the USA ....then change back again ...!

its 4.95 dollars per month works really well, you just enter the closest DNS address into your router and all devices on your network can access the iplayer or any UK based service including Sky on demand etc .... its simple no software to install ...pease trust me I have been a IT consultant for 30 years and I wouldn't recommend anything that is not ok

Have just tried Hola on my Mac and it works fine.

Ok, ot it now but a slighltly different menu structure from the iPad.

Priced in dollars seemingly…

I’ll stick with FilmOn for free.

We have UK Telecom for the phone, internet and iPlayer for BBC and ITV. It costs €60 monthly and includes unlimited calls for France Metropolitan and UK. We also have a VOIP phone whihc allows to call other countries for 1 hour monthly. Quite a good all round package and you have the advantage of ordering what you want in English and they sort it out for you.

I did from the link provided. It wants me to register for the free trial and doesn’t say how much it will cost thereafter which I think is dishonest.

You say ‘free to try’ but how much is it after the free trial period is over?

Yes It works on a Mac

Does anybody know if Hola only works with Chrome on Android devices? What about a Mac?