'getting by in French'

Just a couple of thoughts on things I used to do to avoid conjugating verbs!! Verbs apart from avoir and être are followed by the infinitive, so:

Je vais faire/ bricoler/ changer/ manger etc - I am going to, without having to remember future forms!


Je veux faire/ bricoler/ changer/ manger etc - I want to.....

hope this is useful

- Hilary

Hi Josette - forgot about je voudrais, more polite than je veux. I’m better than I was, by neccessity - teaching English means my French improves as people ask - what about this etc. Not bad in a teaching situation but still struggle in ‘normal’ conversations, but ‘get by’! Thanks

Yes it is nice to remember these little tricks: using the future with aller. using vouloir (je veux) ot je voudrais+infinitive.It speeds up the rhythm of your conversation if conjugation makes you hesitate . However it is necessary to conjugate verbs in many instances. You must be more comfortable with verbs now judging from your comment. Congratulations!