Getting CNAV to respond

How do you get the CNAV to give you the pension to which you are entitled (after many years of cotisation)
I applied way back on 2/9/2020 to start 1/3/2021. The recommended lead time was 6 months, but after 11 months still no base pension, and no decision. (The complementary AGIRC/AARCO pension has been paid since 1/4/2021)
I applied on-line, and accorfing to the website the delai estimé is between 3 mois et 18 jours and 4 mois et 12 jours. A very precise window, and it still says that!
I received my relevé de carrière 28/12/2020 which I confirmed. Since then no other substantive communication despite

  • 3 messages on the online platform
  • 2 letters (1 recommandé)
  • call to the service client

This last was especially traumatic. 15 minutes of stress-inducing music, then a minute of me answering their questions, then when I started to explain my problem, the line was cut. :scream:

After 10 months, I tried bringing in the mediator. No response, apart from an automated acknowledgement to say that the application will be ignored if anything is missing (with no explanation of what is missing).
I have tried writing again, but the automated reply says that the message will be ignored. :angry:

I am losing patience. What can I do to get satisfaction?

Dave Huddart
Ile de France

Is there an address you can doorstep?

suspicious that nothing from mediator - I’d chase up status and action there.

Your local mairie?
I am amazed there isn’t some kind of oversight of service levels in cases like these.

As and when you get the money, I hope you’ll be able to get interest on it due to the delay. In England you would be able to claim statutory interest of 8% p.a.

Thank you Karen
One of my problems is that I don’t like confrontations, especially in a foreign language. Their Cedex address is at Noisy, accueil uniquement sur rendez-vous. I plucked up my courage and rang the unique telephone number, and this time I wasn’t cut off. The lady was reasonably amiable and said that she would pass on my case to the person responsable. She couldn’t say how long it would take, but because I had worked abroad that there was an enourmous amunt of work. I pointed out that my career history, including overseas contributions, had been regularised back in December, but she said there was still an enormous amount of work. This is strange, as when I had a meeting with a very nice and efficient pre-retirement advisor10 years ago, she was able to do calculations for several scenarios during our meeting!
The mediator is part of CNAV, and contrary to the CNAV itself provide an email address, but no phone number or postal address. I wrote again to the email address, but the automated response said that they would ignore messages without a form.

I have found the director of CNAV on LinkedIn - apparently Assurance Retraite have won an HR award for innovation. There were bullet points with HR bullsh*t on what they were aiming to achieve. I feel a contribution coming on… why do they need innovation? why not old fashioned values like service, efficiency and courtesy.


I know some might shout me down… but I’m wondering if your Mairie is approachable. Ours really are… and go out of their way to help any of us “foreigners” who are somewhat struggling…

Perhaps you could just speak quietly with someone there… and ask their advice on how to proceed… quite often, someone will know how to cut through the cxxp… and/or “phone a friend”…

After several weeks, I received a letter from the mediator, to say that he will examine my dossier. It will take a month! But at least it is progress.

good news… progress is better than empty nothingness…

I received an email to say that they had made a decision. There was a link to the website, and going into my pesronal space they confirmed that they had indeed made a decision - but not what that decision was!
I would have to wait for the letter in the post!! After a week it arrived with no hint of an apology, excuse or explanation why my dossier had taken 14 months to treat, and that the first payment was 7 months late.
There are 3 discrepancies with respect to what I had estimated (one in their favour, two in mine). So now we can start to argue over the figures!
But given tha

t today is ferié, tomorrow is a pont, and then we have the weekend, there will be no hurry…

Félicitations! Enjoy the pension when it finally arrives…

This is indeed a worry. I’ve a feeling that like the rest of the world there is no one left working. Successive governments have paired down the staff and the famous digitalisation means people replaced by a chat bot. In my case I’m using an advisor to help prepare 5 to 10 years out (let’s hope for 5). Honestly I wouldn’t recommend them based on experience to date.