Getting divorce recognized in the UK

I’m in the process of getting divorced here in France (married to a Frenchman in Wales 17 years ago, have been living in France since), and was wondering if anyone has any experience of what you need to do to get the divorce legalized in the UK. My lawyer said something about a “certificat d’article 39”, but I’ve no idea what to do with this when it actually comes through, and can’t find any relevant info online. Would be grateful for any advice from anyone who has been through this! Thank you in advance.

This thread might be useful. There’s a good suggestion to contact the UK Embassy.

Also, just a thought, my French marriage certificate was accepted in the UK with a translation so it would seem reasonable to expect the divorce papers to be accepted as well.

All the best, it must be a difficult time for you.

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Yes i had the same thing with my French divorce. The embassy wasnt interested nor births deaths and marriages in the uk. Anytime in France or Uk that i have had to prove my marital staus i put divorced and inclde a copy of the french judgement in French and have never had a problem for the bourse scholaire, impots or pension uk or anything els in 10 yrs…

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Woops spelling mistakes sorry !

Thanks guys…I guess I will just cross it off my list of things to worry about for the moment then - one less!

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I was married (in UK) to a Welsh woman, for far too many years, & we divorced in France. The biggest problem was the bloody idiot French lawyer…divorce recognised here & in UK…no bother since…& as a bonus, she went back to England

Win, win

Alex i just looked on line and there are lots of pages concerning certificat article39. If you are not sure ask your lawyer to clarify to put your mind at rest.