Getting fed up with blank phonecalls

I must have been put on a list somewhere for a call centre as for the last ten days I have been fielding at least 10 blank phone calls a day I am up to 5 so far this morning .

When I answer the call there is no noise at all and if I hang on for a short while a computer voice eventually announces goodbye.

I would like these to stop but don't know how to do that. Does anyone Know?

I can't afford not to answer the phone during the day as we run our businesses from home and need to answer all calls in case it's a client, otherwise I would screen these calls through the answer phone.

Help me if you can please.

We have these all the time too, but as we have a screen on the movable handset you quickly see the "fake" or "absent" calls - I just roar "f*** off", the number seems to be diminishing.... :)

If there is a (fake, of course) number visible on the screen, I sometimes google them, you'll find very many people are affected...

11 Blank calls today I hope it stops soon.

Jane beat me too it and you too Claire. We are on liste orange because we got up to seven or eight a day about August and the limited was the limit. None over the last couple of weeks at all, just the occasional maverick gets through.

I have just signed up for Pacitel and now have done liste orange thanks for that .Pacitel allows up to 6 numbers so I was able to add the internet phone plus a couple of our mobiles.

We have just had our number put on the liste orange, which is similar to the telephone preference service in UK.

If you rent your line from Orange, go to their website and search for liste orange and follow the instructions.

We have still had one or two of the no-one at the end of the 'phone and the scammers from India, but it is much better and you can always tell them that you are on liste orange and not to 'phone again.