Getting Fit - French Style

It’s that time of year when we all come out of hibernation and think about losing some excess pounds gained over the Winter months. What’s your secret to keeping fit and well.

The French are following the Manger-Bouger initiative, and I think I’m going to give it a go too.

I agree with everything you say. It’s far better to moderate and modify what you are used to then try to live someone- else’s life style. I could not live without a glass of wine or two or (er hum) so I’m prepared to up the activity. But it is tough when one is naturally ‘chunky’. Our family is and my eldest is trying to get fit/slim down to do the Kilimanjaro climb for which he needs to be fit. Good thing is (without sounding like a political pundit) - we’re all in it together : )

I’m attending a wedding in Kos this summer and intend to look good on the beach. I’m stocky by nature and have a good natural build, but sadly winter comes each year and by the time Christmas has passed I’ve ballooned out of all recognition.
I’ve dropped 7 kilos since the begining of janurary.
I eat as little sugary foods as possible and cut out cream & butter. I’ve reduced my portion sizes by maybe a 1/3, and try to get outside more often than I have been. I’m playing golf once a week, and according to my heart rate monitor(watch) I’m burning near 1500 calories in 2 hrs of play. It’s a good walk with lots of steep hills, not to mention the golf clubs.

I’ve tried sticking to diets before and had little success. I think it’s incredibly difficult to starve yourself of what you enjoy, and almost makes life a little depressing. Just eat a little less of what you like and do a little more activity. Walk the dog 10 for minutes longer, park the car a little further from the shop. Just up your activity by 20% and reduce your food consumption by 20% and you’ll soon start to see a difference.

I put on15kg after moving to France seven years ago, not just the food, but because my usual exercise routine stopped, in the UK I went to the gym, 4 times a week so didn’t really have to worry about what I ate. So this time last year I decided enough was enough and that I really needed to not only lose weight but get fitter. All I did was to cut down on the obvious fatty, sugary foods and make my portion sizes smaller. I took the dog for a 30 minute brisk walk every day and added 30 minutes of gentle exercise with light weights every other day. I lost 10kg in 4 months and feel so much better for it. I have kept the weight off and am determined to lose the other 5kg before summer this year.

I’m with you - I have ballooned up to … well you don’t want to know! Started on 1 Feb (starting 1 Jan is always a loser when one still has half a larder of Christmas goodies still hanging around). So, despite making a wonderful pastiche of an elephant seal flobbing up the road, I am following the ‘get fit’ programme I found on the water aid site intended for those who aspire to running marathons and half marathons for charity. Second week in and going well, although my knees and hips are shouting “what the ***** hell do you think you’re doing you stupid old woman” at me. The diet you’ve posted is pretty much what I’m doing - like you can’t cope with calories, points, or whatevers and really can’t cope with the hen-nightish meeting groups - all that clapping - I’m just cutting out the truly obvious, cutting down on the dogdy stuff, and eating lots of the good stuff. I’ve lost a kilo so far and a kilo a week would do me fine.
Good Luck - Suzie (aka crazy fat lady of St Aulaye!)

Taking the dog for long walks, its good for your head as well as your body, 30 minutes brisk walking can burn off up to 100 calories, do it every day and you will soon loos the pounds.