Getting hold of coins (change) and La Poste

morning all,
we’re struggling to manage “change” (coins) at our market stall.
i’m thinking opening a local La Poste account (it’s a walk from home) and ordering coins might be an option.
my credit ag account is in a different town now - and honestly i can’t face the thought of opening a whole new account at a local branch.
so it’s a two part question… if you’re a market stall holder - where do you get your change from?
and - if you’re a La Poste customer will it be (relatively) easy to open an account?

My problem is getting rid of it😕!

Mark, we have a market stall and though the French and people who live in France are really good at giving you the right money, it’s a nightmare with tourists! especially people who don’t normally use euro currency (brits, americans…) they almost always give you notes. with summer coming we’re getting organised for the season!

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I get several hundred euros each day in change from my Crédit Agricole just 30 metres away - we go through a rediculous amount in the shop! They have a machine for commerçants, and anyone else who’s a customer and who has a card, to get rolls of coins. If their machine isn’t working I get to go behind the locked doors and sort the change out as a special service :slight_smile: Otherwise I use the machine at the Banque Populaire where my employee banks (I use her card so there’s no charge). Nearly all the crédit agricole in my area have a machine as they do for depositing money too. It’s a doddle :wink:

Andrew, as ever, thank you so much… deep in sauvage Provence it seems a mystery to all the banks I’ve asked so far (oh to be in the cosmopolitan Tarn)
Do you know what this amazing machine is called? I need to get on the phone and find a bank / branch who has one… (all my fellow market traders think it sounds like some sort of magic!)
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Hi Teresa, it’s called a distributeur de pièces (de monnaie) :wink:

Andrew, thank you so much! (so far anyway…)
It’s my mission to find a machine, and explain this “magical myth” to all my fellow marketeers - who think I’m mad and live in a fairy land where machines give out coins…
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Machines give out coins… I think it’s a good idea, why not?:slight_smile:

just to clarify - they give out rouleaux of coins: 50€ for a roll of 2€ coins, 25€ for a roll of 1€ coins, 20€ for a roll of 50cts, 8€ for a roll of 20cts, 4€ for a roll of 10cts, 2,50€ for a roll of 5cts. The Banque Populaire machine gives 5€ notes as well (Crédit Agricole don’t). Hope you find a machine soon. :wink:

thanks Andrew - fantastic. I’m happy to buy 2-300 at a time.
…(if i could only find someone to sell me them!)

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